The Foreign Politics of the Obama Administration – Obama has an extraordinary ability to build closeness to whoever he speaks; He possessed his ability as a master communicator who was able to change the behavior of others. If we look at how venezuela’s President Hugo chavez shook hands on him, there we see how President Obama has made himself acceptable to the person who originally affirmed his harshness toward America. Obama is trying to promote the values and interests of the United States of America across the world so that it is expected that the United States will have the leader’s soul among other countries, especially among those that have become the United States alliance. During this administration Obama is focused more on “soft power” where negotiations are centered on resolving any problem, in a book written by Rudolf, he himself admitted that the United States had used very limited negotiations in its solutions.

The United States stated more openly during the Obama administration, it allowed other countries to contribute to the United States an expression of U.S. foreign policy. This is where multilateral is said to be more advanced, which means that using international institutions is maximizing the relationship between countries and others in resolving problems. After being elected President, Obama slowly began to present himself to the international world by making good relations with countries around the world, for example: in February and march, vice President Joe biden and secretary of state Hillary rodham Clinton made a series of separate trips overseas to announce the new era in us foreign relations with Russia and Europe. They used the word break and reset to mention the big changes from previous governance era policies. Obama sought to communicate with Arab leaders by conducting his first interview with Arab television network, al arabiya.

In the international world support comes from loyal Allies of the United States, but many turn to see how bad policy can have its effects. Like the war against terrorism to invade the Middle East. This is, of course, a lot of damage to civilians, a lot of civilians. Looking at this reality, the world values that the idea of human rights, which had been enshrined in the United States, seems as if it were a political tool to achieve its interests elsewhere. Site like also supporting by add advertising about human rights in their promotion blog. The United States also gets a disturbing image from the world as a result of its inconsistency in preserving human rights and humanitarian values.

Trump’s Claim On Obama’s Biggest Political Crime In US History
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Trump’s Claim On Obama’s Biggest Political Crime In US History

Trump’s Claim On Obama’s Biggest Political Crime In US History – As the president election period is coming closer, current US President Donald Trump accuses the previous presidents and his soon-to-be competitor Barrack Obama of scheming plans against him. This accusation brings along Flynn’s name, who was the national security advisor for Trump winning team. What is the real story and how each side responds to Trump’s claims?
– The “Biggest Political Crime In US History”
Those who follow Donal Trump on Twitter will be familiar with the term “Obamagate” and how he claims to find “greatest political scam”. These two terms are coined by Trump himself after he gets strong evidence that Joe Biden, his future challenger for Presidential Election, and Obama have a plot to put him down.

He strongly suggests that such crime should not be forgiven and the perpetrator should be jailed. Using the evidences as his strongest weapon, Trump explains that Obamagate refers to sabotage plot against him. It is believed that the previous officials in Obama reign want to interfere with the administrative seat.

Trump also took part on the plot when he fired his national security adviser, Michael Flynn. Without the evil plot, Flynn should have been staying in the senate. Unfortunately, his lies to Trumps vice president and the FBI charges put him in a tight situation.

– Cold Words War Attacks
So far, there is no official statement made by Obama yet about Trump’s accusation towards his involvement in Flynn’s case. However, public sees the cold war of words between these two at least within the last month. The statement could be found in social media, as public could access latest information including the promotion for online slots
Obama statement in April is directed to Trump’s failure in handling corona virus pandemic in US. He takes this condition as the consequences of denial and asks public to demand better from the government. In respond to Obama, Trump mentions that the previous government leaves nothing to develop standard vaccine.

In political campaigns, the candidates are expected to present their strengths and future plans of the country. President Donald Trump changes the trick to exposing his opponent’s criminal records. He digs deep into the matter and eager to show the proofs to the public. This debate wont end soon and public could take their side.

How Barrack Obama Played Dirty During His Reign
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How Barrack Obama Played Dirty During His Reign

How Barrack Obama Played Dirty During His Reign – Among all US Presidents, there is no doubt that Barrack Obama is one of the most respected figure. He is the talk of the world, establishing rules and taking immediate actions whenever necessary. With all these strong qualities, people could easily miss the grey shadow behind it. Afterall, some people suspect that Obama had abused his power smoothly to enrich their relatives.

– Creating Rare Chances
There are a lot of up and down in business, especially in advanced country like America. Each company should have great strategy to make profits while staying within the law border. For the last part, firm founded by Marry Nesbitt and Harreld Kirkpatrick III played on grey area. Both of them are Obama’s close friends, and they suspiciously went through fast and cheap line of investment.

Did Obama make this rare chance? Many suspected so. However, he did it naturally, as if this action should have been taken years ago. Obama would accuse several strong industries under government’s hand. Most popular example would be University of Phoenix, DeVry University and ITT Technical Institute. Like when you play online poker, this is where you start playing your dirty trick to defeat other players.
They were under investigation after Obama pointed how they manipulated students and trapped these poor souls by lowering grades. Soon enough, Phoenix University were sold with incredibly low price for each share in 2015. It went down up to 90% from its initial price. Luckily, three companies were appointed to buy the share, including the one owned by Marry and Harreld.

  • Secure Deal with China
    Two of Obama’s executives, Joe Biden and John Kerry, were known each other for a long time. For their dedicated works, they have secured their seats in cabinet. These two executives’ job included secret dealing with China. This mutual relationship grew around the time of China aggressive invasion for South China Sea. Instead of giving out polite warning, they seem to let it slide.

The alliance of Biden and Kerry went to their first generation. Biden has a son named Henry, which later built a business with Christoper Heinz, Kerry son. Both were seriously committed into Rosemont Capital, which was under Heinz Family Office.

Barack Obama Played Dirty During His Reign

Considering their position and specialty, these two young businessmen could have any dealers they want. However, they chose to secure the deal with China. Without doubt, it is the one company with close relation to the fathers.

Despite his claim of having the “government with least major controversies”, Obama still owns people explanation for the above shady moves. It took a while to recognize the pattern. Once the flaw was spotted, it will be hard to cover.

The Legacies of Barrack Obama: The Bad Politics
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The Legacies of Barrack Obama: The Bad Politics

Barrack Obama has been known so well as such a good leader that could bring changes to the United States of America. He is so close to the people no matter what their backgrounds are. Then, that is the main reason why there are so many Americans that really love and support him. However, all of the good things he had done when he was a president of the country cannot make him flawless. There are actually many impactful bad politics that really affect the nation and its people as well. Well, you can find out some of them when you keep reading below.
– The Messy Foreign Politics
Barrack Obama inherited the bad foreign politics which influence the nations so awfully. It can be proven when the United States keeps getting involved in the painful and terrible wars in some Middle East countries such as Afghanistan and Iraq. Actually, he had an option to end the wars if only he could assess the threats from the Islamic State. Unfortunately, he could not handle it well; so that the power of Jihadism appealed and made the wars get worse. Not only that, he also made some decisions that disappointed the allies so badly. It was because the United States did not mean to approach the civil war in Syria. So, it definitely triggered a huge refugee crisis that has been impacting the international politics and causing a global social issue. Additionally, he even insisted an occasional airstrike, which was so wrong.

– The Cyber Threats of Russia
The other Barrack Obama’s mistake caused the higher level cyber threats of Russia. In the other words, Russia has been developing their technology in order to make it able to attack the security system of the US, and also hack so many important data of the government. Even, FBI, Secret Service, and any other intelligent agencies in the US could not fix this sophisticated attack well. In addition, some birds said that Russia has prepared a particular malware that can sabotage the gas and oil pipelines; as well as the water supplies of the country. By doing so, Russia will be able to control the country easily in order to win the conflict with the US that might happen in the future because it can take over all of the essential things of the rival. Thus, it can be a dangerous situation that really pushes the country on the edge if the government does nothing to the issue.

Flynn’s Political Setup Comes Back to Haunt Obama
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Flynn’s Political Setup Comes Back to Haunt Obama

Flynn’s Political Setup Comes Back to Haunt Obama – The case of Michael Flynn in 2017 has new development; it might be a trap designed specifically to remove him from Trump’s administrative staff. Soon after he was accused for lying to FBI about his conversation content with Russia’s leaders, Trump fired him. Three years passed and Flynn is ready to hit the man behind the plot.
– The Opening of It All
US president Donal Trump was the one who fired Flynn after getting caught lying about his discussion with Russian leaders. Three years have passed since that incident and Trump pull up the case to the surface again, as new evidences indicate that Flynn was deliberately trapped by the FBI on Joe Biden’s order.

Trump strongly points that Flynn case is a big flaw in US history and demands for justice. On the other hand, Joe Biden who will face Trump on President Election mentions that Trump is a distraction. Public learns that he cannot handle the pandemic in the US, so he wants something to divert public’s attention.

– What Really Happened
While looking to Flynn case, people cannot ignore the fact that President Obama gave the order to James Comey, the FBI director, to handle Flynn’s case. It seems to be odd now that the Justice Department, generously drops Flynn’s persecution. There must be a bigger reason for this decision, as FBI has been persistent for the last three years.

– An evidence of taped conversation emerged and the transcript indicates that Comey deliberately plan to trap Flynn by deviating from the real situation. There is one phone call between Flynn and Sergey Kislyak, the Russian Ambassador. This is a regular call, like a help line in online betting that receive hundred calls per day.

What makes the call different? The FBI agent planned to lead Flynn to make false statement regarding the content of his conversation with Kislyak. It could be seen from the words “get him (Flynn) lie, so we can prosecute him or get him fired”. The plan was executed smoothly and Flynn was soon fired from Trump’s administrative staff.

Just before Obama is about to leave his President seat, a report on Michael Flynn’s case leaked to the public. It soon ends Flynn’s career and put him under close investigation. Now, three years have passed and Flynn comes back with new evidences to proof his innocence.

The Impacts of Barrack Obama’s Politics
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The Impacts of Barrack Obama’s Politics

The Impacts of Barrack Obama’s Politics – Barrack Obama can be defined as one of the most notable presidents that the United States of America history. He could make the people believe that the nation would be better under his leadership by approaching and embracing the people with various backgrounds. Based on this particular fact, it is no wonder that Obama gets so much support and love from his people. Nevertheless, he actually had some bad political strategies that really give the not good enough impacts to both of the nation and the people. So, in case you really want to find out what those impacts are, you can figure them out below.
– How the Global Warming Policies Failed
Barrack Obama seemed to have a hesitation when he wanted to overcome the huge complex issues of global warming and the environment. In the other words, everybody in the country knew that he put global warming at the top of his agenda, but he could not choose the right way to fix the problem as well as possible. It was like he just did not know what he had to do or pretended to be ignorant about the issue. It was because he kept presiding over an Environmental Protection Agency which refused to revise the permitting rules in order to let the low carbon emission plants replace the outdated coal facilities. In addition, Obama also defended the enormous overregulation under the Clean Air Act and the Clean Water Act. Not only that, his international protocols could easily create domestic displacement without getting any environmental benefits.

– The Disappointing Foreign Policies
Foreign affairs policies could make the United States of America in the worse and more dangerous situation when Barrack Obama took the office. He kept pushing the countries in the Middle East area, which are like Afghanistan, Iraq, and Iran, by committing military attacks. Besides, the issue appealed in Syria caused the terrible migration crisis not only in Europe but all over the world. This particular thing actually really disappointed the allies of the country. So then, it would create the global conspiracies, transient alliances, and political instability that could make everything so much worse than what had happened in the past. In addition to this, ISIS has set up multiple permanent bases throughout the Middle East while the refugee issue had not finished yet. Thus, all of the people have to be ready because they might do the more impactful terrorist activities once those reached the United States.

Why Obamacare Fails to Impress Public
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Why Obamacare Fails to Impress Public

Why Obamacare Fails to Impress Public – It is no secret that each president has taken pride of their successful program. In the future, this program will be continued by the next president. Since Obama received lots of spotlights during his reign, what was his program? It was no other than Obamacare. Sadly, this program didn’t pass the bar.

– Ambiguous Rules
For all health insurances, there are several important rules that should be explained well to the members. Some of them are the monthly limit and procedures to claim insurance frauds. Both of them were not included in the first proposal of “Affordable Care Act”. In fact, the decision kept being pushed back by legislatives body.

In February, government mentioned that they were still discussing the minimum and maximum amount of ACA. They mentioned that the process might take a year. In late 2013, they also said that complaint requirement had not been decided yet. Previously, it took 50 complaint letters to force insurance company looked into the matters. In an online games site like , such many complaints can’t happen as they deal with it right away or the site lose the players.

– Opposite Reality
As part of Obamacare campaign, people are excited upon the phrase ‘ if you like your plan, you can keep it”. The “plan” here referred to health insurance plan. Interpreting from the phrase, you cannot blame people when they start to adjust the plan to their incomes and other conditions. Sadly, these “personalized plans” were rejected by insurers. The reason is simple; they didn’t fit Obamacare rules.

Actually, there was one great way to solve this problem. Obama could send the bills to White House. Surprisingly, he didn’t. Upon an urgent press conference, he declared that people would be able to afford their personalized plan, even when it went against ACA rules. This exclusivity would last for a year. Then what would happen after that year?

– Unfamiliar Concept
It turned out that Obamacare is not only problematic from the outside. The internal government bodies were struggling to keep up. Certain clause in Obamacare mentioned that the insurance should be obtained from Health Exchanges. This concept was not familiar, since most health insurances offered by government were funded by tax.

Obamacare also had offer for those workers whose bosses didn’t provide health insurance. They were suggested to take the plan from “Exchange under State observation”. For each workers, government then will put the fine on that business.

In order to make new law, a lot of parties should agree. When president took matters into his plate, the short impact is bigger than its whole preparation. As the result, overall system doesn’t properly settle and cannot be implemented. In the end, the program was not running well.

Foreign Donors for Obama’s Second Period
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Foreign Donors for Obama’s Second Period

Foreign Donors for Obama’s Second Period – Foreign donors are forbidden under the United States election law. The us federal election commission finds that a mediator has helped a Saudi businessman contribute to the inaugural celebrate of the second period of U.S. President barack Obama in 2012. Other presidential candidates are also secretly getting injections of funding from foreign donors, without knowing it. When U.S.

President barack Obama was elected for the second period of 2012, a Saudi typist and his business associates sent hundreds of thousands of dollars to help pay for inaugural celebrations and get a photo with Obama, according to court documents and analysis of campaign financial records by the Associated Press. The United States election law has forbidden foreign citizens to make such political contributions. But the donation that sheikh Mohammed al rahbani was attempting to send to the Obama installation committee was distributed through an experienced broker, according to ap records and analysis.

The broker, imaad zubere, has agreed in October 2019 to plead guilty to carrying out illegal campaign contributions to several American political candidates on behalf of foreign citizens. He will also plead guilty to hiding his work as a foreign agent when he lobbied high officials of the us government. The prosecution by U.S. attorneys in Los Angeles is the latest fact in a series of cases that highlights the influx of foreign money that is prohibited in American politics, and the campaign’s approach is often lax in checking funding contributions. Zuberry an upperclass fund raiser and venture capitalist investor had raised millions of dollars for Democrats and republicans over the years. The prosecutor said that he had been working on behalf of some stranger, not just rahbani.

Foreign Donors for Obama's Second Period

Rahbani, in the last few interviews, has spoken of his support for Obama. He posted a picture of himself and his wife on his website standing with Obama, former U.S. vice President Joe biden, and their partner at the inaugural event in 2013. The site was deleted shortly after zuberi’s guilt plea was announced. The prosecutor said that sjeumus $100,000 from the rahbani company intended for its inaugural committee has been designated for “a photo opportunity.” It was not uncommon for political funds to offer a photo session with candidates in exchange for donations, and such a practice was clearly legal, even though a foreign national donation ban would remain in force. Zuberry tried to make rahbani and one of his business associates donate more money.

Unfortunate Decisions in Obama Era
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Unfortunate Decisions in Obama Era

Unfortunate Decisions in Obama Era – When citizen heard the name “Obama”, many of them will be more likely to recite his good deeds. Unfortunately, politicians might have different opinion. Despite of his great and sometimes controversial break through, he failed to secure respect from fellow comrades and opposite parties. It started as small gestures, which then grew into dangerous flame.
– Democratic Party Loss
If you look into general statement, then Democratic Party as Obama supporter had successfully won the public heart. It was also about Republican admits Democratic’ superior quality. At least, this was the public image. There are more ways to determine whether the party is strong or weak in decision making process.

It refers to the seat in state legislatives and also governor level. You might want to include Congress members as well. Despite being the supporter of recently eligible president, Democratic Party lost thousand of their seats in all levels.

– Being Distant
What was the relation between seat loss and Obama? Apparently, there were a lot of strings between them. As the highest decision maker in the country, Obama should have done better job in mediating Democratic and Republican Party. One option was to divide the legal seat “fairly” between them. It seems like Obama fail in putting a balance. In an online poker games, such poor strategy can result in great loss.

Such compromise cannot be achieved if the President rarely had conversation with both sides. Sadly, Obama chose to put barrier with either his Party or his opposition. It could be seen from his decisions, which were taken before consulting to the legislatives. Of course, his action raged both parties. It was “as if” legislatives had no room in legal discussion.

– Creating More Troubles
The common law in politic is clear; in order to maintain his legacy, President should be able to impress both parties and gain supports. It often means that President was running errands from his party while explaining the benefits for opposition team. When he succeeded, he will have less problem on the implementation.

Since Obama firmly kept his distance from political matters, he put himself on tight position. As he was re-elected, the seats in Congress were taken mostly by Republicans. As the result, many of Obama’s programs were rejected by oppositions.

Even though America opened the opportunity for independent president, it will be hard to win without any party supports. Using this idea, people could assume that president should take care of his party well. It didn’t mean the opposition should be mistreated. On this point, Obama had failed miserably.

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Obamaphoria – Ever since he was senator demoralizing party of the illionis, during the democratic convention, during the presidential campaign, and after becoming President, from podium to podium, from one microphone to another, from one microphone to another, Obama has continued to spread promises of change and improvement not only for the American people but also for the world. The us people, as well as the world, have high hopes for Obama, even for people in the islamic world. The world be stricken with obamaphoria disease, for some politically literate peoples this phenomenon is nothing more than what is called “wahm” illusion.

Obamaphoria is considered to be a natural thing, considering the world has grown too saturated with the arrogance of U.S. foreign politics over the last eight years led by George walker bush. Many, also islamic figures, hope that the U.S. will change in the hands of this new leader. There are even individuals in this country who say that it can become more friendly with Indonesia, help the Indonesian economy, because Obama has been in this country for a while. Expectations like this are okay, although they tend to be utopian.

Since then, the world society is forced to see significant changes in the world, due to changes in both the us in its domestic policy and the subsequent move of its impressive foreign policies has been very friendly and does not appear to be the world’s ranking police force to have the world’s systems’ unipolar ‘maps where the U.S. is now an epicenter. After all, being a us policy superpower has a huge impact on world conditions. It’s an indisputable fact that Obama has the support of the us zionist lobby. John McCain, too. And Obama during his campaign has repeatedly stated that he will always defend and keep zionist Israel before all time. The United States is great Israel and Israel is a small United States.

Obama’s other appointment is linked to Iraq. In his state address at his inauguration, Obama promised to bring Iraq to a swift end. Obama has promised to withdraw all U.S. forces from Iraq within his 16-month reign. And then with the israeli-palestinian problem solving, Obama also sweeten the deal. Obama expressed his promise in beautiful expressions of peace and coexisted between two countries. In front of that UN general assembly assembly, Obama merely pledged to represent a sovereign Palestinian state. “I’m a firm believer in two-state solutions despite differences,” he says.

Barack Obama and His Policy
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Barack Obama and His Policy

Barack Obama and His Policy – Barack Obama is known as the United States president from 2009 up to 2017. As the first man in the country, the world demand to know more about who Barack Obama is. It is recorded in the history that Obama is the first African American who succeeds to be the leader in the United States. Here is brief information about Barack Obama and his policy during his reign.

– About Barack Obama

the United States president Obama was born on 4 August 1961 in Honolulu. So yes, he was born in Hawaii, a country with all the fun and sunny days with huge numbers of active online gambling players and His father Barack Obama Sr., a Luo Kenyan who was a governmental economist. His mother is Ann Dunham, a white woman born in Kansas. His parents met when both of them attended a class at the University of Hawaii. Obama’s parents were divorced in 1964.

Obama moved to Indonesia with his mother, following his stepfather, and lived in Menteng Dalam, Jakarta. Due to his multiracial background, Obama attends various schools in some countries around the world. Obama graduated from Columbia University and get his BA degree. He was mentioned as a brilliant student since school years but fun as well now.

– His Policy

Barack Obama made some policies during his leadership as the 44th president of the United. His policies cover several fields such as economic, energy, social, and other fields. Soon after Obama was appointed to be the president of the United States, he continues to save the banking and automotive industry.

He is issuing out the American Recovery and Investment Act in 2009. To strengthen the economic sector, Obama started creating consistent job vacancies every month to help the society to get a better life until the end of his term of service in 2017.

Obama also tried to make affordable health care that can be accessed by anyone who needs it. In 2010, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act issued to give health care guarantees and better health treatments for Americans. The policy also covers the energy field. His commitment to seek a solution for energy independence and providing the solution to climate change can be seen through the America Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

Barack Obama is the first African American who succeeds to be the leader in the United States. Barack Obama was born on 4 August 1961 in Honolulu, Hawaii. Obama attends various schools in some countries around the world due to his family background. Barack Obama made some policies during his leadership as the 44th president of the United. His policies cover several fields such as in economic policy, energy policy, social policy, and other fields

Sending U.S Ground Troops, Obama Raises Diplomatic Pressure on Libyan Government
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Sending U.S Ground Troops, Obama Raises Diplomatic Pressure on Libyan Government

Sending U.S Ground Troops, Obama Raises Diplomatic Pressure on Libyan Government – After seeing several conditions in Libya, Barack Obama finally sent U.S Troops to Libya on February 2011. This is one of the commitments of Barack Obama to protect the humanity. Even the protestors in Libya had already sent their thoughts and opinion to Government, but Colonel Ghaddafi stands still and not giving any solution to the protestors. In other words, political condition in Libya kept getting worse and U.S Government finally took quick steps to solve problems in Gaddafi regime.

Madman for 42 Years
Before U.S Government taking big step to help Libya took down regime of Gaddafi, Libyan Deputy Ambassador, Ibrahim Dabbashi told that Gaddafi has been a madman in Libyan history for 42 years. This made Libyan protesters finally taking a big step to take down this regime. Of course, these people are committed to take some actions now.

  • Die in Tripoli
    Before starting protests, Ibrahim Dabbashi has already warned Gaddafi that there might be thousands of people will die in Tripoli if Gaddafi does not want to take any real action to prevent it.
  • Come Under Heavy Gunfire
    Instead of giving any peace offering or another solution to calm down te protesters, Gaddafi welcomed the protestors with Gunfire rain in Tripoli.
  • Seeking Gaddafi after Friday Prayers
    After reports about the gunfire appear in Public, either U.S Government and United Nations decided to give sanction to Muammar Gaddafi. They even emerged Gaddafi from Mosque after he did Friday Prayer.
    Cut Off Military Potential
    As a big step to solve the problem, President Barack Obama decided to cut off all potential military based for Libya. This happens because U.S Government have to take several actions in order to monitor what happen next in Libya against Muammar Gaddafi.
  • Lose Confident
    As the result of losing several military potential from U.S, Gaddafi starting to lose his confident in front of people. The people also lose their trust to Gaddafi, and nothing to do with their Government’s legitimacy.
  • Critic for Obama
    Even after taking several action to monitor what is happening in Libya, critics still come for President Barack Obama while some people believe that Obama should take faster actions to solve problems in Libya.

After evacuated people from Country, U.S still announce the sanction for Gaddafi. The people carried byU’S boat before sanction to Gaddafi announced. This action finally make President Barack Obama got some critics related to crisis in Libya while some others agree with decision from President Barack Obama and never consider this decision as a cruelty of Barack Obama.

Barack Obama: Critics VS Humanity
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Barack Obama: Critics VS Humanity

Successful to be President of The United States of America for two periods makes Barack Obama being one of the most powerful leaders in that Era. After leaving the White House in 2017, Barack Obama got many critics and also got many compliments during his career as the President. During the career as a President, Barack Obama always brings purity of the fresh idea in every decision he made. However, still many critics come for him aftermath.

1. Fight for Humanity
One thing that is really clear in President Barack Obama’s era is humanity that always is one of his focuses. To solve every problem in United States of America, President Barack Obama considering humanity first before moving on to the next decision.

  • Involving Young People
    In order to get fresh idea, President Barack Obama often involving young people from college and listening to their idea. In an interview on 2017, Obama said that,”This idea of purity and you’re never compromised and you’re always politically ‘woke’”. This showed his considerations of involving young people and prioritizing humanity as a President.
  • Avoiding “Cancel” Culture
    In era of social media, young people usually have their own mindset to cancel or follow something easily. This culture is actually not-so-good culture. Because young people don’t really consider the real consequences of every decision they have made except when they are playing at online Sbobet which requires serious consideration and strategies.

Instead of being easy to cancel and follow something, young people should be more careful and criticize their decision before they make it.

Those culture are made by President Barack Obama and it makes he got many compliments about his consideration of humanity and involving young people while listening to their opinion. He even comes to some University to listen and learn from young people.

2. Need to Take Decision Faster
His consideration of humanity and listening to young people actually made some bad effect in his international decision that he should take For some issues, experts said that President Barack Obama have to make decision faster.

  • Libya Regime
    About taking down Muammar Gaddafi in Libyan regime, experts said that Barack Obama have to take the decision of giving sanction to Gaddafi faster. The decision gave big impacts to many aspects both in Libya and also America itself.

While President Obama still wait and considering many things before taking decision about Libya and Gaddafi regime, Libyan and some U.S Governments kept pressing him to make the decision faster.This always be the good and bad side of former President Barack Obama. He got the compliment because he is always considering young people when taking decision, but some of them also said that Obama have to take the decision faster.

Bad Politic By Barack Obama: The Press Limitation
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Bad Politic By Barack Obama: The Press Limitation

Barack Obama, who is the 44th president of the United Stated of America, seems to make a comeback to the politic world. He will be supporting the Democratic Party on the midterm elections that is going to held in November 2018. So then, it is actually no wonder if he gets involved in so many campaigns in the recent time. Then, there are some interesting facts refer to the bad politic by Barack Obama during his speech. So, it will be so nice for you to check them out below.

Once, Barack Obama stated on his speech that both of Republican and Democratic parties will never limit the freedom of the press even though the press spread the information the parties do not really like. Nevertheless, this particular statement is something that Obama did not really do during his era. It can be proven when he used the Espionage Laws 1917 in order to sue more journalists that collected or leaked the essential information to the public. Furthermore, the government in Obama’s era got more than 20 telephone lines and cellphones of the journalists who worked for the Associated Press (AP). This act was actually the part of the investigation in order to reveal the specific information related to Al-Qaeda.

Aside of that, the Department of Justice secretly stalked a journalist from agen named James Rosen during Obama’s era. Moreover, they also tapped his telephone, checked his departures and arrivals records at the Department of Foreign Affairs, got the access to his private email, and many more. All of them were the responses that the government gave when they thought that Rosen had been suspected of publishing some important info to the public. Based on this fact, it is so clear that Obama and his government tried to control the press so that it can do its jobs optimally and properly.

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The Signal of Obama to Join the Next Election
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The Signal of Obama to Join the Next Election

Barrack Obama had the presidency for the last two periods, before he was finally replaced by Donald Trump. As one of the presidents of United States, Obama can be considered as one of the favorite of the United States citizen. That can be seen from the result of the election when he won the presidency for the second time. After few years leaving the position, it seems that Obama is thinking about getting back to that position. That is because he personally said his opinion about the president. That is one signal that many people believed that Barrack Obama will try to join the next election in the next few years.

Even though Barrack Obama was one of the best presidents of United States, you cannot simply ignore the fact that Barrack Obama had done something that can be considered as the white lies during his eight years of dedication to the United States. Yes, it is not a secret anymore that even though Obama is one of the best presidents that united states have ever had, there are still some white lies that he had done during his own regime for eight years.

You need to understand that the white lies can be considered as something quite rational to do, especially if the main purpose is to keep the safety of all of the people in America. However, for some people, this is one point that they will fully consider when Obama is going for the next election. According the white lies can be a real boomerang that can strike you back. That is why even though Barrack Obama has given his signal to join the next election, there is no guarantee that he will win the next election that easy because of the things that had happened in the past.

Things You Have Missed from Politics in Obama Era
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Things You Have Missed from Politics in Obama Era

It has been few years since Barrack Obama left the presidency of the United States. However, there are still some people who are talking about the era or the time when Obama used to sit as the President of United States. That is because there are some politics on his era that can be considered as something a bit dark. The main reason is of course because the politics and the policies that he made did not turn to be something that he had expected. That is why those things are considered as the bad politics on his era.

One of those bad policies that he mad was the time when he announced that he had the health care program to help all of the American people to get the proper health care. At the beginning, this thing is becoming a breezy wind for all of the American people who are not able to get the health care that they want. Unfortunately, after two times winning the election, the result of this policy was not turning out to be as many people have expected. That is something what many people called as the white lies.

Another thing is the policies related with the American army power. Many of you will surely have known that America has a great army power, but unfortunately, that thing was not that visible during the presidency of Barrack Obama. Some people will think that solving most of the problems with discussion is the best thing. However, there are some people who think that without showing the power of America to the world, the rest of the world will simply ignore and underestimate the America itself. This one is still in contradiction because there are some people who are against it, but there are some people who agree with it.

Barack Obama attacked Donald Trump: Is that true?
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Barack Obama attacked Donald Trump: Is that true?

Donald Trump and Barack Obama have been known so well because of their not really good relationship. Even, they often throw shades and criticize each other just like they want to do it for fun. This particular interaction between both of them will commonly make them the center of attention for the people of the United States of America and the world. Then, now when Donald Trump becomes a president of the country, their relation seems to never change if it is not getting worse.

In the recent time, Donald Trumps twitted that he just found out that Obama tapped his telephone line at Tower Trump just few weeks before the elections back in 2016. According to Trump, it was a little bit weird when the government tried to tap someone that will be a president of the country. He added that it might be a big problem that would affect the former president for sure. Then, all of the assumptions made by Donald Trump could definitely make the people think that there was improper competition between the two parties that join the elections that year, Democratic Party and Republican Party.

Barack Obama attacked Donald Trump, Is that true

Fortunately, Kevin Lewis, the spokesperson of Barack Obama gave his fast responses just few hours after Trump posted his twits. Simply, Lewis clarified that all of the assumptions about Obama stated by Trump were totally wrong. He even explained that both of Obama and the White House staffs do not have any right to intervene the investigation held by the Ministry of Justice including the tapping case that happened to Trump. Nevertheless, Lewis never give any further explanations related to the probability of any other investigation, whether the Ministry of Justice will investigate Trump’s campaign team as well or not. In addition to this, the fact is that Trump is the one who attacked Obama more often and aggressively without any exact proofs.

Obama Politics Related with the War in Iraq
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Obama Politics Related with the War in Iraq

Obama is one of the most successful presidents that united States have ever had. However, that does not mean that he did not do any mistake during his two periods of dedication as the president of United States. That is because there are some politics and policies of Barrack Obama that can be considered as a real failure. One of those bad policies that many American people will always remember is the politics to solve the war in Iraq.

Obama Politics Related

Many people have realized that the war and the fights in Iraq can be considered as something that will never be resolved. That is because there are a lot of factors that will determine the result of the war. As an addition to that, a little trigger can simply make the war between America and Iraq getting worse. Unfortunately, that trigger came on the era or Barrack Obama as the President of United States. That is because one of his policies gave triggered the war once again in Iraq, after some times the war is not happening at that time.

Basically, that might be just one simple mistake that Barrack Obama made during his eight years of dedication as the president of United States. However, that is not something small because he is the president and that means all of his act will be considered by all of the American people. As an addition to that, Obama was considered as the savior that will keep the condition in Iraq calm and even give the solution to the war in Iraq. Unfortunately, that is not something that he could achieve during his eight years of dedication as the president of United States. This one is a simple mistake, but the thing that made it big is because this is something related with the war in Iraq.

Barack Obama: The Destructive Leader
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Barack Obama: The Destructive Leader

When you talk about the war of the United States of America versus the Islamic countries, you will probably think that George W. Bush is the only one that you have to blame. He was the one who started the invasion to the Middle East after the World Trade Center (WTC) building got bombed so awfully in September 11, 2001.

Since then, the war and chaos seems to never stop even until today. Yet, do you realize that the conflict with the Islamic countries has been getting worse and worse even after Bush was no longer a president of the United Stated of America? Well, let’s prove it by reading below.

The Destructive Leader

After the era of George W. Bush, The United States of America had a new leader, Barack Obama. Many people expected that he could be the one that would end the exhausting war. However, it never happened for real because Obama kept making the weird foreign policies which made no significant change to the conflict. In fact, Obama had made the war larger than before by bombing more countries which are like Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan, Somalia, Syria, and Yemen. There are 7 countries that he had attacked while Bush only attacked 4 of them (Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, and Pakistan).

Moreover, there are also some other reports, which are reported by New York Times and an expert from The Brooking Institute, prove that the United States of America has been so much more aggressive during Obama’s era. One of the reports is the air strike in Libya which made Moammar Gadhafi lose his position as a president in the country.

Not only that, there is also a report related to the drone attack to some camps of the militants in the southern area of the Philippines. Thus, if the reports are true, it means that Obama is definitely the most destructive leader of the United States of America.

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The Things That American People Hate from Obama

The Things That American People Hate from Obama

There are a lot of people who are in love with Obama, the way he made a lot of decisions. That is because he had made a lot of decisions that finally helped America to be a better nation in the world, especially during the crisis when many people are not sure that America will not be able to reach its glorious stage as it used to be. Unfortunately, even though Obama had been doing a lot of good things for the American people, there are still a lot of people who think that there are some bad things that Obama did in the past.

One thing that many American people will never forget is the Obama care. This kind of health policy is believed to be able to help all of the American people who could not afford the health and medication when they need it. Unfortunately, that is not something that reached the best conclusion such as expected. There are still a lot of problems that this new policy has to deal before finally all of the American people are able to get the health and medication facilities that they need.

Another thing that many of them still remember is the time when he rushed the American army to do the attack in Iraq and Afghanistan. This is not a good thing because many of the American people who idolized Obama thought that he had to think about it more carefully before decided to send the troops to Iraq and Afghanistan. Unfortunately, the thing had happened at and that is something that cannot be rewind. Even though there are not many policies from Obama that are against the feeling of the American people, those two things are more than enough to make some of his fans leave his side, especially when he is joining the next election.

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Politics of Barack Obama that Many People Did Not Know

Politics of Barack Obama that Many People Did Not Know

Politic is something cruel and bad. Many people agree with this kind of opinion. Unfortunately, politic is something important that many people have to do, even for the good man such as Barack Obama. Yes, it is not a secret anymore that Barack Obama had helped America to be a better nation during his ten years of dedication as the President of United States. Unfortunately, during all of those ten years, he had to play some of the white lies and a bit of dirty politics that many people might have never realized. If you are curious, here are some of those politics related with the regime of Barack Obama that lasted for ten years or two periods.

The first one is the tapping on some of the American citizen. Many people believe that all of the American people have the same position in term of privacy and also the freedom of speech. Unfortunately, there is a law about this kind of thing that can simply press you to give all of the necessary information that the nation needs even though those information are considered as something quite private for some people or organization. That is one thing that happened to one of the journalist of Fox News named James Rosen. For your information, Rosen was tapped for some times so that all of the information that goes to him were also caught by the nation.

The second one is the sabotage of the money for the healthcare. Almost all of the presidents of United States will focus on this kind of field because healthcare is one thing that many people need. Unfortunately, there were some speeches made by Obama saying that there are some parties who try to sabotage the money for the healthcare in United States. Unfortunately, some years after that, there were rumors saying that Obama chose only the materials that can help him to be elected for the next presidency.

That is because he did not mention about the increasing premium fees for the healthcare during the first years of his regime. Besides all of those things mentioned above, there is actually one more case of politics related with Barack Obama. It happened when he said that the increasing number of job opportunity during the economy crisis in US would help the economy to get better. Unfortunately, that was not happening at all because the economy level remains stagnant even on the crisis time. However, it is one fact that Obama was able to increase the job opportunity for all of the American people.