10 Facts!


Obama’s supporters will tell everyone who will listen that Barack Obama produced his real birth certificate in 2011. A single reporter – Savannah Guthrie of NBC news — was allowed to see the “real” document, and then it was scanned as a PDF file and loaded into the internet for everyone to see. As far as the Obama crowd is concerned, that’s the end of the story.

1. The only problem for Obama is that numerous electronic document experts have shown, using steps that anyone can repeat with if they have the proper software, that the document the White House so proudly uploaded is not simply a scanned version of an original paper document. Instead, it’s what’s called a “layered” document. A document that’s scanned will have only one layer, which is the image itself. A “layered,” electronically manipulated document will show one electronic addition after another. The White House’s birth certificate PDF has nine layers. This was an assembled electronic document, not a scanned paper document.

2. Classmates at Colombia University think Obama lied about going there.

3. British National Archives confirm Obama Sr. had a child in 1961 Kenya

4. Obama claimed in a literary agent’s bio that he was born in Kenya.

5. Obama used the name Barry Sotero when he went to college.

6. Yahoo News posted Obama’s country of birth is Kenya…….. By accident?

7. Document examiner tied to Obama’s attorney says Obama’s birth certificate is fake.

8. Obama’s selective service card bears a number showing that it was issued in 2008.

9. There at least five Social Security numbers associated with men named Barack H. Obama who lived in at addresses associated with President Barack H. Obama.

10. Alabama Supreme Court reviewed shocking evidence that Obama’s birth certificate is likely a forgery.

Read all details on the 10 reasons at: http://mrconservative.com/2013/07/21971-10-facts-that-suggest-obamas-birth-certificate-is-fake/



  1. no matter HOW devastating this information is to bursting the bubble on all the anti "truther" or "birther" people there are out there, and the level of cognitive dissonance they're stuck in, the truth is there right for any of you, who really want to know and understand what really happened..
    Share this with anyone you'll find who's skeptical about anything against the narrative that is ObamaO.

  2. Who made the Alabama Supreme Court the arbiter of Hawaiian state issued birth certificates? The Republican Governor of Hawaii reviewed Obama's birth certificate & publicly stated on the record that his birth certificate is genuine. I'll take the Governor of Hawaii's word over any southern state.

  3. Barack Obama's birth certificate is under audit. It won't be released until the audit completes or until he decides to run for president again, whichever comes last.