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GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore has said he doesn't believe Obama is a natural-born citizen

(CNN)Former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore, a Republican candidate for US Senate, has cast doubt on former President Barack Obama's citizenship repeatedly and as recently as December 2016, fueling the debunked "birther" movement that sought to delegitimize Obama's presidency.
Moore, who started questioning the legitimacy of Obama's citizenship back in 2008, last year told a meeting of the Constitution Party that he personally did not believe Obama was a natural-born citizen.
"My opinion is, there is a big question about that," Moore said when asked how he defines natural-born citizen as it relates to qualifications for president. CNN's KFile reviewed video from the event.
"My personal belief is that he wasn't, but that's probably over and done in a few days, unless we get something else to come along," he added.
Moore's comments came three months after then-Republican nominee Donald Trump conceded that Obama was born in the US after pushing the racially charged birther conspiracy for years. Trump endorsed Moore's opponent Sen. Luther Stranger during the Republican primary and congratulated both candidates on proceeding to the runoff.
Moore finished ahead of Strange in last week's Republican primary, with 39% of the vote. The runoff election is set for September 26.
Moore's campaign declined to make him available for interview and did not respond to follow-up emails about the details of this story.
Moore has made headlines for years by publicly championing hard-right causes. Last May, the state Court of the Judiciary suspended Moore as chief justice over his refusal to comply with the US Supreme Court's decision striking down same-sex marriage bans nationwide. Over a decade prior, Moore was removed as chief justice for defying a court order to remove a Ten Commandments monument from the grounds of the Alabama Supreme Court.
Speaking with World Net Daily (WND) in 2008, where Moore served as a columnist for years, he said a "major investigation" into Obama's citizenship was needed.
"I don't see any reason a candidate who has such a serious question would not come forward with the truth about where he was born, Moore said in December of that year.
"Obama has the answer," Moore added. "He knows where he was born. If he tells something that's untrue that's another matter. It's not an Obama issue, it's an American issue. It's about the Constitution of the United States."
In March 2009, Moore spoke at length with conservative Internet radio show host Andrew Shea King about the birther issue.
"Now, I haven't seen one thing in the press about this, and yet the President of the United States will not produce his birth certificate," Moore said. "They produced a certificate of live birth from Hawaii that says he's got the birth certificate, but nobody can see that birth certificate. My son had to show his birth certificate to get his driver's permit to the county courthouse. He had to show his birth certificate to get on the little league team. My other son that's in AIT [Advanced Individual Training] right now, before he went to basic training, he had to produce his birth certificate. I've had to produce my birth certificate, and I think most people have had to, but not the President of the United States? That's very strange indeed. Why we don't hear about it, because the press won't report it."
"Why doesn't the President have to show he's a natural-born citizen?," Moore asked. "There are so many questions about that, and yet the Constitution requires that the President be a natural-born citizen, and we've had all kind of suits filed. The press doesn't mention them and the courts continually reject them. I don't understand it; I think -- they can holler political question all they wish, but it's a simple fact that if he's not a natural-born citizen, he's not qualified to be President, and I don't care who he is."
Judge Roy Moore 2017 from his campaign page

Judicial Watch Sues Justice Dept For Blagojevich And Obama Transcripts

The Daily Caller
Kathryn Watson
12:46 PM 12/05/2016

A nonprofit government watchdog is suing the Department of Justice (DOJ) for FBI interviews with President Barack Obama and his key aides about former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s attempt to sell the U.S. Senate seat previously held by the commander-in-chief.

Judicial Watch announced its Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) suit in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia Monday after the DOJ denied its longstanding request for transcripts of FBI interviews between Obama and senior aides Valerie Jarrett and Rahm Emanuel.

The interviews were part of the FBI’s investigation into Blagojevich’s 2008 effort to obtain appointment to Obama’s former Senate seat in exchange for political favors.

“The FBI interviewed Barack Obama eight years ago about the selling of his Senate seat,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said in a statement. “The American people should finally get to see these FBI interview reports. The public has a right to know precisely how Obama and his senior White House advisors Emanuel and Jarrett responded to Blagojevich’s corrupt attempts sell Obama’s Senate seat.”
 Obama/Reuters Kevin Lamarque 11/20/2016

Malik Obama: Here’s why I’m voting for Trump

By Malik Obama

October 30, 2016

Why Obama's half-brother says he'll be voting for Donald Trump
Why Obama's half-brother says he'll be voting for Donald Trump

I am back in the US and will be voting for Mr. Trump early next week in Maryland.

My [half-] brother Barack Obama is a big disappointment.

Why did he not come home to Kogelo [the family village] on his visit to Kenya last year? Why did he not provide for the family when they came to see him in Nairobi? (They experienced extreme hardship and left immediately after the dinner.)

Why did he not support Auntie Zeituni [President Obama’s late half-aunt, who lived for a decade as an illegal immigrant] in America? He claims to be advocate for illegal immigrants.

Why did no member of the family in Kenya attend the 2016 Democratic Convention?

Why does he not have Auma Obama [the president’s half-sister, who runs a charity in Kenya] be director of the board of The Barack Obama Foundation in Chicago that’s set up for his presidential library if he loves her so much? Why not Mama Sarah Obama his grandmother if he loves her so much? Maya, his sister, is on the board of directors.

Why did he not support and write a forward for my book about his father Barack Obama Sr.?

Why does he not support my foundation set up in the name of his father Barack Obama Sr.?

My two children died; it was nothing to him. No condolences, nothing!

Why should I support him in politics, and he didn’t support me in politics?

Hillary Clinton is a liar and totally corrupt. What is her Clinton Foundation doing for Kenya if she loves Obama so much?

Mr. Trump is a successful businessman. He will make America great again. He is not heartless.

I will not be humiliated anymore by anybody.

The press is corrupt and rigged.
Malik Obama, Barack Obama's half brother - 2016

Clinton aide talked of needing to 'clean' up Obama's comments on email server

By Kyle Cheney
10/25/16 12:29 PM EDT
Updated 10/25/16 12:29 PM EDT

A top Hillary Clinton aide expressed alarm in early 2015 that President Barack Obama claimed he was unaware of Clinton's private email server until he learned about it in the news.

"We need to clean this up - he has emails from her - they do not say," said Clinton adviser Cheryl Mills in a hacked email posted Tuesday on WikiLeaks.

As the scandal over Clinton's use of a private email server was still emerging in March 2015, Obama told CBS News that he learned about the arrangement through the media. "The same time everybody else learned it through news reports," Obama told CBS News' Bill Plante.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest later clarified that while the president knew about Clinton’s email address, he “was not aware of the details of how that email address and that server had been set up.”

Clinton's campaign declined to confirm the authenticity of the emails. White House spokesman Eric Schultz pointed to Earnest's comments from March when asked for comment about the email exchange.

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The Last 100 Days: A-parasitic-hairworm-named-Obama edition

Olivier Knox
Chief Washington Correspondent
September 9, 2016

[Blooggers note: Way too cool - A blood sucking, gay, parasitic worm named after Obama... How appropriate!]

...The oddest creature to bear Obama’s name... is Paragordius obamai, a parasitic hairworm that originates near the area in Kenya where the president’s grandfather was raised. This particular hairworm, which infects crickets, is notable because the species reproduces without a male.

University of New Mexico professor Ben Hanelt, who bestowed the moniker, told Yahoo News that he and his colleagues were aware that the announcement of “a gay parasite named after the president” might generate some unfortunate news coverage.

“We were really worried about that,” Hanelt said in a telephone interview. “Not only is it a parasitic organism, but ultimately it’s the first female-only species within this group.”

Left - Paragordius obamai, Right - Obama

Gregory Korte, USA TODAY 5 p.m. EDT August 22, 2016

WASHINGTON — A federal judge in Texas has sided with school districts opposing the Obama administration's directive on transgender bathrooms, temporarily blocking the directive just before on the first day of school in Texas Monday.

The ruling prevents the U.S. Department of Education from implementing guidance that required school districts to allow transgender students to choose which restroom and locker facilities to use.

U.S. District Judge Reed O'Connor's 38-page order said federal agencies exceeded their authority under the 1972 law banning sex discrimination in schools. The injunction applies nationwide, and follows a number of other recent court rulings against transgender students and employees.

The Texas ruling, issued late Sunday, turned on the congressional intent behind Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, which requires that "facilities provided for students of one sex shall be comparable to such facilities provided for students of the other sex."

Obama Lies and People Die: ICE Underreported 13,288 Criminal Convictions of Aliens

Released in 2014
June 22, 2016 By Stephen Frank

ICE is also allowing terrorists to run loose, failing to enforce visa’s, failing to deport foreign criminals.  It is almost as if ICE/Obama Administration were in cahoots against the American public.  The mainstream media lies to us, by omission, by failing to report the crimes committed by these criminals.  A couple of weeks ago an apartment house was burned down in Los Angeles, five died—in the middle of the story did the LA Times note the arson was set by an illegal alien from Honduras.  American are dying and our government continues to protect the criminals—to do harm to honest American citizens.

“In April 2015, ICE reported that in fiscal year 2014, it released 30,558 criminal aliens who were convicted of 79,059 crimes, including: 86 homicides, 186 kidnappings, 373 sexual assaults, 1,346 convictions for domestic violence, 1,589 weapons violations, 2,372 assaults, and 13,636 drunk driving offenses.

However, in April 2016, in response to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request by the Immigration Reform Law Institute (IRLI), ICE reported that those same 30,588 criminal aliens had actually been convicted of 92,347 crimes in 2014 – 13,288 more convictions than ICE reported last year.

None of the liars got fired.
According to the latest figures, ICE underreported 17 percent of criminal aliens’ 2014 convictions for homicide, robbery (22 percent), sexual assault (27 percent), and driving under the influence (10 percent) among others, the chairman stated,

“This disparity demonstrates that these criminal aliens are even more of a threat to public safety than ICE represented to the Committee, and it raises serious questions about whether ICE knowingly misled Congress and the American public concerning the true extent of their danger,” Goodlatte continued,

“Secretary Johnson and [ICE] Director [Sarah] Saldaña owe the American public answers about why ICE was not forthcoming about this information, and I intend to pursue this matter until we get answers,” Goodlatte stated.

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ICE immigration agents 2016

The IRS warned Obama it was illegal to pay ObamaCare subsidies to insurance companies

The Week
Bonnie Kristian
June 1, 2016

In a sworn deposition newly made public, the IRS's Chief Risk Officer David Fisher told the House Ways and Means Committee that he had raised concerns to the Obama administration in 2014 when it was about to authorize subsidies to insurance companies as part of ObamaCare, a move which a judge ruled was illegal in early May.

Fisher's testimony suggests the White House knew it was breaking the law when it decided to go forward with the subsidies. He testified to telling administration officials that "there was no clear reference in the section regarding the cost-sharing reduction payments to the Internal Revenue Code in the Affordable Care Act" and the "cost-sharing reduction payments are not linked to the Internal Revenue Code, as far as I could tell, directly anywhere."

If this all sounds obscure and complicated, that's because it is. Two years ago, the White House asked Congress for money to subsidize insurance companies participating in ObamaCare. The payments, designed to cover the costs of insuring people whose income was at or below 400 percent of the poverty line, were authorized by the Affordable Care Act but never appropriated by the legislature, which holds the power of the purse.

In other words, the concept of the subsidies was legal, but actually paying them was not, absent additional action from Congress.


RT America
Published time: 23 May, 2016 16:35

Even though ratification of the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) has stalled in the US, President Barack Obama said he’s still “confident” the trade deal will earn the support of Congress.

"I remain confident we are going to get it done, and the reason I’m confident is because it is the right thing to do. It’s good for the country, it’s good for America, it’s good for the region, it’s good for the world," Obama said during a joint press conference with Vietnamese President Tran Dai Quang in Hanoi.

In Vietnam, Obama reiterated why he believes the TPP is so important, noting that the Asia-Pacific region is the fastest growing part of the world and represents a huge market for the US. He said the TPP would eliminate some 18,000 tariffs that have been placed on American goods sold in Asia.

"I have not yet seen a credible argument that once we get TPP in place we are going to be worse off,” he said. “We are demonstrably better off. American workers and American businesses are better off if we get this deal passed.”

Leaders signed the 12-nation TPP, which includes the US and Vietnam as members, back in February, but it still requires ratification from each country’s lawmakers before it can go into effect. That process has stumbled, though, as public outcry against international trade deals increases. In the US in particular, all three major-party presidential candidates have come out against the deal.

(Under TPP) the US would lose almost 450,000 jobs, the study found. Other nations would also see job losses, and inequality could become exacerbated by the pact.

While the study was rather critical of the benefits of the TPP, economists have criticized it for “not accurately model[ing] effects of the trade agreement,” the Wall Street Journal reported. One study from Brandeis University found the US could see an economic gain of a modest 0.4 percent by 2030 with TPP in place.

Elsewhere, opponents have argued that the TPP would only exacerbate trends of other deals such as the North American Free Trade Agreement, which they blame for the current state of US manufacturing. Speaking with RT, Scott Paul, president of the Alliance for American Manufacturing, blamed trade deals for the loss of some 5 million manufacturing jobs since 2000.

The president’s continued defense of the TPP comes as he faces an uphill battle in Congress. Republicans who control the branch and are generally in favor of free trade deals have expressed skepticism, with GOP frontrunner Donald Trump claiming it would benefit China the most.

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U.S. President Barack Obama attends a press conference at the International Convention Center in Hanoi, Vietnam, 23 May 2016. © Luong Thai Linh / Reuters
 U.S. President Barack Obama attends a press conference at the International Convention Center in Hanoi, Vietnam, 23 May 2016. © Luong Thai Linh / Reuters

'Career killer': Obama's new overtime expansion under fire

Published May 18, 2016

As the Obama administration cheered “the worker wins” from a newly announced expansion of overtime pay, the directive drew a fierce backlash Wednesday from Republicans and the business community -- amid warnings that the move could backfire and hurt workers in the end.

“These rules are a career killer. With the stroke of a pen, the Labor Department is demoting millions of workers,” David French, a senior vice president for the National Retail Federation, said in a statement Wednesday morning.

Policy changes formally unveiled Wednesday would make more than 4 million U.S. workers newly eligible for overtime pay. They’re intended to counter erosion in overtime protections, which require employers to pay 1 1/2 times a worker's regular salary for any work past 40 hours a week.

In the fast food and retail industries in particular, many workers have missed out on this because they’re deemed “managers” – they work long hours but are paid little more than the people they supervise.

Under the new rules, first released in draft form last summer, the annual salary threshold at which companies can deny overtime pay will be doubled from $23,660 to nearly $47,500.

That means a fast-food manager making $14 an hour – or roughly $30,000 a year – would now be eligible for overtime for those extra hours.

The White House estimates the rule change will raise pay by $1.2 billion a year over the next decade. In addition, some companies may instead choose to reduce their employees' hours to avoid paying the extra wages.

"Either way, the worker wins," said Vice President Joe Biden on a conference call with reporters Tuesday afternoon. He formally announced the rules at an event in Ohio Wednesday afternoon.

But critics warn workers could actually lose out as employers try to avoid the extra costs by converting salaried workers to hourly ones in order to more closely track working time, and cutting back in general.

Business groups say the changes will increase paperwork and scheduling burdens for small companies. The NRF’s David French said hundreds of thousands of workers in the retail sector alone will lose salaried-employee status.

“These regulations are full of false promises. Most of the people impacted by this change will not see any additional pay. Instead, this sudden and extraordinary increase will mean more red tape and fewer advancement opportunities for salaried professionals,” he said.
Obama 2016 Associated Press photo

Insurers: Our Obamacare Losses Will Force Us to Jack Up Rates and Flee Markets in 2017

Town Hall
Guy Benson | Apr 15, 2016

Health insurance companies are amplifying their warnings about the financial sustainability of the ObamaCare marketplaces as they seek approval for premium increases next year. Insurers say they are losing money on their ObamaCare plans at a rapid rate, and some have begun to talk about dropping out of the marketplaces altogether. “Something has to give,” said Larry Levitt, an expert on the health law at the Kaiser Family Foundation. “Either insurers will drop out or insurers will raise premiums.” While analysts expect the market to stabilize once premiums rise and more young, healthy people sign up, some observers have not ruled out the possibility of a collapse of the market, known in insurance parlance as a “death spiral.” In the short term, there is a growing likelihood that insurers will push for substantial premium increases, creating a political problem for Democrats in an election year. Insurers have been pounding the drum about problems with ObamaCare pricing.

The "death spiral" begins churning downward when young, healthy people decline to sign up for expensive plans, leaving older, sicker consumers as a disproportionate percentage of health market risk pools. When insurers incur additional losses as a result, they try to compensate by raising rates further (or withdraw from the marketplaces altogether), driving even more of the "desired" consumers away. The problem compounds itself until the risk pools collapse. Given Obamacare's the worse-than-expected enrollment figures and much-discussed warnings from major insurers, a slow death spiral is by no means out of the question.

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This one needs no explanation - NPR survey from April, 2016

This shows who benefited and who has been hurt by "ObamaCare"
(Or, if you prefer "HillaryCare", or the "Un-Affordable Healthcare Act")


Obama: ‘There’s Little Difference Between Communism and Capitalism’
"Just choose from what works"

Paul Joseph Watson - March 25, 2016
Infowars/Alex Jones
President Obama has stoked controversy after he suggested to an audience ofArgentinian youth that there was no great difference between communism and capitalismand that they should just “choose from what works”.

Obama responded to a question about nonprofit community organizations and thenecessity of attracting funding from both the public and private sectors.

“So often in the past there has been a division between left and right, betweencapitalists and communists or socialists, and especially in the Americas, that’s beena big debate,” Obama said.

“Those are interesting intellectual arguments, but I think for your generation, youshould be practical and just choose from what works. You don’t have to worry aboutwhether it really fits into socialist theory or capitalist theory. You should justdecide what works,” he added.

Obama went on to praise Cuba’s socialist system under dictator Raúl Castro, toutingthe country’s free access to basic education and health care, although he acknowledged that Havana itself “looks like it did in the 1950s” because the economy is “not working”.

Obama concluded his comments by arguing that a market-based system “has to have a social and moral and ethical and community basis”.

Reaction to the remarks wasn’t pretty.
Obama in Cuba, March 2016, Ctsy. InfoWars

Exclusive: Obama Refuses to Hit ISIS’s Libyan Capital

The Daily Beast
02.18.16 12:01 AM ET

The terror group is gaining ground in Libya. But the Obama administration has said no to a Pentagon plan to go after ISIS there.

Despite the growing threat from the self-proclaimed Islamic State in Libya, the Obama administration has turned down a U.S. military plan for an assault on ISIS’s regional hub there, three defense officials told The Daily Beast.

In recent weeks, the U.S. military—led by its Africa and Special Operations Commands—have pushed for more airstrikes and the deployment of elite troops, particularly in the city of Sirte. The hometown of former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, the city is now under ISIS control and serving as a regional epicenter for the terror group.

The airstrikes would target ISIS resources while a small band of Special Operations Forces would train Libyans to eventually be members of a national army, the officials said.

Weeks ago, defense officials told The New York Times that they were crafting military plans for such strikes, but needed more time to develop intelligence so that they could launch a sustained air campaign on ISIS in Sirte.

But those plans have since been put on the back burner.

“There is little to no appetite for that in this administration,” one defense official explained.

Instead, the U.S. will continue to do occasional strikes that target high-value leaders, like the November drone strike that killed Abu Nabil al-Anbari, the then-leader of ISIS in Libya.
Obama - AP photo 2016

FBI's Clinton probe expands to public corruption track

By Catherine Herridge, Pamela Browne Published January 11, 2016

EXCLUSIVE: The FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of private email as secretary of state has expanded to look at whether the possible “intersection” of Clinton Foundation work and State Department business may have violated public corruption laws, three intelligence sources not authorized to speak on the record told Fox News.

This new investigative track is in addition to the focus on classified material found on Clinton’s personal server.

"The agents are investigating the possible intersection of Clinton Foundation donations, the dispensation of State Department contracts and whether regular processes were followed," one source said.
Hillary Clinton - AP Photo John Locher

Obama: Increasing Gun Control, Rejecting Islamophobia Are Key to Combating Terrorism

By Daniel Politi

In a rare prime-time address to the country from the Oval Office, President Obama made clear that he thinks increased gun control at home is essential to fighting ISIS—and terrorism in general. In the 13-minute address, Obama laid out the reasons why he believes the “terrorist threat has evolved into a new phase” in which “terrorists turn to mass violence.” While there was no evidence that the attackers who killed 14 people in San Bernardino, California were directed by terrorists overseas, “the two of them had gone down the dark path of radicalization.”

"I know that after so much war, many Americans are asking whether we are confronted by a cancer that has no immediate cure," Obama said. But he expressed confidence that the country can “overcome” the threat. “The threat from terrorism is real, but we will overcome it,” Obama said. “Our defence won’t depend on tough talk,” he added. “Instead we will prevail by being stronger and smarter.”

Part of that defense must involve lawmakers and Obama called on Congress to take several steps:

1. No one on the no-fly list should be able to buy a gun. That statement echoes a forceful statement Obama made in his weekly address on Saturday on the issue.

2. Lawmakers should make it harder to buy assault weapons.

3. Congress should vote in favor of continued use of military force against ISIS targets in Iraq and Syria to “demonstrate Americans are committed to this fight.”

Obama was also adamant that there are a few things the country should not do:

1. “We should not be drawn into another costly ground war,” Obama said. That, in the end, would only benefit terrorists who can turn a drawn-out occupation to their advantage. 

2. Americans also shouldn’t see the war against terrorism as a fight against a religion. "We cannot turn against each other by letting this fight be defined as a war between America and Islam," Obama said. “If we are to succeed in defeating terrorists, we must enlist Muslim communities as some of our strongest allies.”

Obama was particularly forceful on speaking up against Islamophobia. He noted that, yes, Muslim leaders have a responsibility to push back against hateful rhetoric and "speak out against not just acts of violence, but also those interpretations of Islam that are incompatible with the values of religious tolerance, mutual respect, and human dignity." But Americans "of every faith" must also "reject discrimination."
 Obama - Press Conference 2015

Obama is dangerously nonchalant about ISIS threats

By Michael Goodwin
NY Post
November 24, 2015 | 11:29pm

The leader of the free world urged a broader assault on the Islamic State yesterday and called for more nations to join forces to crush the enemy. In response, President Obama said he would think about it.

The upside-down quality of the meeting between Obama and French President François Hollande was painful to watch. The attacks in Paris have energized and emboldened Hollande, but Obama again oozed an air of “this too shall pass.” A week after he shamefully called the Paris slaughter a “setback,” he’s still in a fog of his own making.

He refuses to call the spreading cancer what it plainly is — Islamic terrorism. Instead, he has adopted the Arabic pejorative for the Islamic State, Daesh, perhaps believing he can insult the barbarians to death.

What he won’t do is assert American leadership when it is needed most. Without the world’s military and economic superpower leading the charge, there can be no real charge.
 President Barack Obama with French President Francois Hollande (left) Photo: Reuters

Obama Rejects Keystone XL Pipeline After 7 Years Of Review

Environmentalists praised the decision, which House Speaker Paul Ryan called "sickening."

Huffington Post
Posted: 11/06/2015 11:08 AM EST

WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama on Friday rejected TransCanada's application to build the Keystone XL pipeline, which would have transported oil across the United States-Canada border.

After seven years of reviewing the project, Obama announced his decision from the Roosevelt Room in the White House.

"The State Department has decided that the Keystone XL pipeline would not serve the national interest of the United States," he said. "I agree with that decision."

Tensions over the proposed pipeline had been high for years, with Obama's environmental base pressuring him to reject the project -- citing its impact on emissions -- and Republicans in Congress voting repeatedly to force its approval, citing the economic boost it would provide.

But on Friday Obama pushed back at claims that had long been major talking points of both industry and environmentalists. Keystone, Obama said, would not have been "a silver bullet for the economy" nor an "express lane to climate disaster."

Taking a jab at the politicization of the pipeline, Obama said it had become "overinflated" and used as a symbol on the campaign trail by both parties.

"Over years, the Keystone XL pipeline has occupied what I frankly consider an overinflated role in our political discourse," Obama said, joined by both Secretary of State John Kerry and Vice President Joe Biden. The president met earlier Friday with Kerry, whose department oversaw the review.

The president's rejection rests on key points highlighted by the State Department: That the pipeline would not contribute significantly to the economy, and that it would not lower gas prices for American consumers. Over the last year gas prices have steadily dropped in the U.S., due to an oversupply in the market.

"Shipping dirtier crude oil into our country would not increase America's energy security," Obama said.

Obama did not cite the pipeline's contribution to emissions and ultimately climate change. Compared to greenhouse gases from industrial sources like power plants (which are the largest source of U.S. emissions) and vehicle tailpipe emissions, Keystone XL's impact would have been minimal.

But he did say "approving this project would have undercut" America's role as the "global leader" on combatting climate change.

"Not acting," Obama said, "is the biggest risk we face."
Obama did not cite the pipeline's contribution to emissions and ultimately climate change. Compared to greenhouse gases from industrial sources like power plants (which are the largest source of U.S. emissions) and vehicle tailpipe emissions, Keystone XL's impact would have been minimal.

But he did say "approving this project would have undercut" America's role as the "global leader" on combatting climate change.

"Not acting," Obama said, "is the biggest risk we face."

The president said he spoke Friday morning with Canada's newly elected Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who "expressed his disappointment" with the decision.

DeLay on Obama Gun Executive Order: Congress Should Consider Impeachment

Monday October 26, 2015

Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay told Newsmax TV on Friday that if President Barack Obama implemented a plan to require background checks on some gun sales by executive order and without congressional approval, the House should consider impeachment proceedings.

"The very fact that you might bring it before the Judiciary Committee and investigate it and determine whether it's an impeachable offense is a very healthy thing to do," DeLay, the Texas Republican who served in the position from 2003 to 2005, told "Newsmax Prime" in an interview.

Obama was weighing the move after the Oct. 1 shooting at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Ore.

The Final Leaked TPP Text Is All That We Feared

Electronic Frontier Foundation
October 9, 2015 | By Jeremy Malcolm

The Final Leaked TPP Text Is All That We Feared

Today's release by Wikileaks of what is believed to be the current and essentially final version of the intellectual property (IP) chapter ( of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) ( confirms our worst fears about the agreement, and dashes the few hopes that we held out that its most onerous provisions wouldn't survive to the end of the negotiations.

Since we now have the agreed text, we'll be including some paragraph references that you can cross-reference for yourself—but be aware that some of them contain placeholders like “x” that may change in the cleaned-up text. Also, our analysis here is limited to the copyright and Internet-related provisions of the chapter, but analyses of the impacts of other parts of the chapter have been published by Wikileaks ( and others.

Quite honestly there are no parts of this agreement that are positively good for users. Of course, that doesn't mean that it's not improved over the earlier, horrendous demands of the U.S. negotiators. Some of the areas in which countries rightly pushed back against the U.S., and which are reflected in the final text are:

1.    The exhaustion of rights provision (QQ.A.11) that upholds the first sale doctrine of U.S. law, preventing copyright owners from extending their control over the resale of copyright works once they have first been placed in the market. In particular, this makes parallel importation of cheaper versions of copyright works lawful—and complementing this is an explicit authorization of devices that bypass region-coding on physical copies of such works (QQ.G.10, though this does not extend to bypassing geoblocking of streaming services).
A thoroughly-misguided provision that would have extended copyright protection to temporary or "buffer" copies in a computer system was one of the earliest rightsholder demands dropped by the USTR, and rightfully so, given the damage this would have wreaked to tech companies and users alike.

2.    But we have struggled to come up with more than two positive points about the TPP, and even then the absence of these tragic mistakes is a pretty poor example of a positive point. If you look for provisions in the TPP that actually afford new benefits to users, rather than to large, rights-holding corporations, you will look in vain. The TPP is the archetype of an agreement that exists only for the benefit of the entitled, politically powerfully lobbyists who have pushed it through to completion over the last eight years.

There is nothing in here for users and innovators to support, and much for us to fear—the ratcheting up of the copyright term across the Pacific rim, the punitive sanctions for DRM circumvention, and the full frontal attack on hackers and journalists in the trade secrets provision, just to mention three. This latest leak has confirmed our greatest fears—and strengthened our resolve to kill this agreement for good once it reaches Congress.


Obama weighs expanding background checks through executive authority

The Washington Post online
By Juliet Eilperin October 8 at 8:46 PM

In response to the latest mass shooting during his presidency, President Obama is seriously considering circumventing Congress with his executive authority and imposing new background-check requirements for buyers who purchase weapons from high-volume gun dealers.

Under the proposed rule change, dealers who exceed a certain number of sales each year would be required to obtain a license from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and perform background checks on potential buyers.

As the president heads to Roseburg, Ore., on Friday to comfort the survivors and families of those killed in last week’s mass shooting at Umpqua Community College, the political calculus around his most vexing domestic policy issue is shifting once again.

After the Dec. 14, 2012, shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., claimed the lives of 20 students and six staff members, Obama asked Vice President Biden to devise a list of policy proposals in response, and on Jan. 26, 2013, the president announced 23 executive actions ranging from restarting federal research into the causes of gun violence to providing parity for mental health coverage under private insurance plans. He pushed for legislation mandating universal background checks on gun sales, an effort that failed in the Senate in April 2013. In August that year, Obama closed two gun-sale loopholes through executive authority, subjecting gun purchases by corporations and trusts to background checks and banning almost all re-imports of military surplus firearms to private entities.

In the wake of last week’s tragedy, Obama said he had asked his team “to scrub what kinds of authorities do we have to enforce the laws that we have in place more effectively to keep guns out of the hands of criminals.”
Speaking at the White House on Thursday evening, a visibly frustrated and emotional President Obama remarked on the deadly shooting at a community college in Oregon. (AP)

With Possible Shutdown Nearing, Obama Looks to Take Budget Fight to G.O.P.

New York Times

WASHINGTON — Congress hurtled toward a government shutdown on Tuesday, with Republicans threatening to block a budget deal if it includes financing for Planned Parenthood, as President Obama prepared to join the fight by pushing Republicans to scrap a multibillion-dollar tax advantage for private equity managers. In a speech on Wednesday, Mr. Obama is expected to call on Republicans to end the tax
break and use the funds to pay for spending increases on domestic and national security programs, and he will enlist business leaders to help him make his case. In a session at the Business Roundtable in Washington, Mr. Obama will seek to shame Republicans who control Congress for failing to strike a deal with Democrats to fund the government’s operations, using the so-called carried-interest provision as an example of what he argues are misplaced priorities, according to White House officials.

The tax break is one that the president has repeatedly proposed eliminating, and it is a favorite bête noire of Democrats condemning income inequality. Its repeal has little chance of passing a divided Congress, but it has gained new political potency in recent days, with two Republican presidential candidates, Donald J. Trump and Jeb Bush, endorsing it.
But the larger fight is likely to be over the funding of Planned Parenthood. Speaker John A. Boehner is again confronted with a rank-and-file uprising by lawmakers who want to end financing of the group despite pledges by him and Senator Mitch McConnell, the majority leader, to avoid a government shutdown. In the Senate on Tuesday, the skirmishing over the budget took a back seat to continued fighting over Mr. Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran. Senate Republicans forced another vote on a resolution rejecting the accord, a move that Democrats again blocked as they accused Republicans of wasting time. Far from giving up, Mr. McConnell announced plans to force a vote on an amendment that would bar Mr. Obama from lifting economic sanctions against Iran unless Iran released American prisoners being held in Iran and recognized Israel as a state. Republican aides said that vote could take place Thursday morning. Mr. McConnell said last week that he supported a broad agreement that would keep the government funded for several months — a position that the Senate Democratic leader, Harry Reid of Nevada, endorsed Tuesday.
Read more at:  take-budget-fight-to-gop.html?_r=0

Obama 'threatens Fox News reporter's career'

Reports 'put broadcaster's job in jeopardy'
Published: 01/21/2014 at 9:58 PM
Bob Unruh

Fox News anchor Greta Van Susteren charges that the Obama administration tried to press her to shut down a colleague’s reporting on the jihadist attack in Benghazi, Libya, that cost the lives of a U.S. ambassador and three other Americans.

Van Susteren asserted recently on her blog that the administration made an extensive effort to conceal what happened in Benghazi. She cited U.S. officials’ refusal to include the Fox News Channel in several Benghazi briefings along with a warning that her colleague’s career would be ruined if she persisted in her reporting on the attack.

The Fox News host recalled a “disturbing phone call from a good friend in the Obama administration” shortly after the Sept. 11, 2012, attack, which the administration initially blamed on a protest of an anti-Islam video.


Jennifer Griffin serves as a national security correspondent for Fox News

“In this call, my friend told me that my colleague Jennifer Griffin, who was aggressively reporting on Benghazi, was wrong and that, as a favor to me, my friend in the administration was telling me so that I could tell Jennifer so that she did not ruin her career,” Van Susteren wrote.

Van Susteren said that in her 20-plus years in the business, she had never received a call to try to shut down a colleague.
 Fox News anchor Greta Van Susteren

Presidential spokesman concedes his boss was a `little glib.’

By Edward-Isaac Dovere and Sarah Wheaton
8/25/15 3:26 PM EDT

ABOARD AIR FORCE ONE — There are just too many “crazies” in Washington for President Barack Obama to keep count.

Trying to explain Obama’s comment Monday night at a Las Vegas fundraiser that he and Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) would have to “deal with the crazies” once they’re back in Washington, Schultz listed a number of people who might qualify because of their “nonsensical” positions: proponents of a government shutdown over a budget fight, opponents of infrastructure funding, those who want to water down Wall Street reform, possibly the Koch brothers for their opposition to green energy investment, and pretty much anyone else who’s not on board with Obama’s agenda.

Schultz said Obama doesn’t regret what he said. But, he conceded, “The president may have been a little too flip.”

On Monday evening, the president told donors to the Nevada Democratic Party that he and Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid spent the drive to Henderson, Nevada, reminiscing “and then figuring out how we’re going to deal with the crazies in terms of managing some problems.”

Some interpreted the “crazies” comment as referring to opponents of the Iran deal. But Schultz insisted Obama wouldn’t count anti-Iran deal people on the Hill or elsewhere — a number of them Democrats — among “the crazies.”

Republicans, already outraged by Obama’s efforts to tie them to protesters in Tehran shouting “death to America,” took renewed umbrage.

“That incendiary rhetoric cheapens our political discourse and ignores the real concerns that Americans of all political persuasions have about the implications of this far-reaching deal,” said Rep. Diane Black (R-Tenn.) in a statement Tuesday morning.
Obama - 8/25/2015 AP Photo

Obama: My way — or you’re a traitor

By Kyle Smith
NY Post
August 9, 2015 | 7:00am

Even for President Obama, it was an outrageous statement, and he needs to apologize to the nation for it.

On Wednesday, at American University, Obama said the genocidal fascist freaks in Iran who chant “Death to America” are “making common cause with the Republican caucus” for opposing the deal.

It was a gratuitous, unsupportable, vile insult. Remember six months ago, when the entire press corps had a convulsion because an ex-mayor of New York who hasn’t held public office in 14 years said, “I do not believe the president loves America”? The media demanded Rudy Giuliani apologize. They couldn’t talk about anything else for days.

Now the sitting president of the United States says the entire Republican caucus not only doesn’t love America but doesn’t like America, even hates America. But not only that — craves death for America. By logical extension, anyone who agrees with the Republican caucus on the Iran deal also must be in “common cause” with the “Death to America” savages.

Guess that now includes Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY), who came out against the deal Thursday.

Oh, and it also includes two-thirds of Americans who have expressed an opinion on the matter. (A poll this week said that by a margin of 57 percent to 28 percent, Americans oppose the Iran deal).

Even Obama supporters have to concede that he is the most divisive president in US history.

Obama has been a my-way-or-the-highway guy since Day 1. (Or at least Day 3 of his presidency, when a group of senators challenged Obama on the details of a proposed economic stimulus plan and he replied, “I won.”)

Barack Obama November 14, 2012 Press Conference

Obama unveils clean energy plan, amid legal threats

Everett Rosenfeld
August 4, 2015

President Barack Obama unveiled his plan to tackle greenhouse gas emissions from coal-fired power plants on Monday, potentially kicking off a legal battle between regulators and coal industry supporters.

Calling the plan "the single most important step America has ever taken in the fight against global climate change," Obama emphasized that the regulation was about the present—not just the predictions of forward-looking models.
 Obama argued that carbon air pollution is similar to chemical waste like mercury, arsenic, and sulfur that are already regulated—"and we're better off for it." He said that the unchecked carbon pollution "has to change."

Consequently, industry groups and some lawmakers from states that have relied on coal-based energy have vowed to challenge the new requirements in the courts and through Congressional maneuvers, accusing the administration of a regulatory assault that will drive up energy prices.

Other industries also spoke out against the regulation: Thomas J. Gibson, president and CEO of the American Iron and Steel Institute, said in a release that the rule "puts the affordability and reliability of electricity for steel producers at serious risk," and could "impede economic growth" for the industry.

Read more at:
 Jonathan Ernst | Reuters
President Barack Obama delivers remarks on the Clean Power Plan at the White House in Washington August 3, 2015

Obama pushing for ‘largest gun grab in American history’: NRA

By Jessica Chasmar - The Washington Times - Monday, July 27, 2015

The Obama administration is pushing to ban Social Security beneficiaries from owning guns if they lack the mental capacity to manage their own disability payments — a move the NRA is calling the “largest gun grab in American history.”

The push is intended to integrate data for the first time from the Social Security Administration into the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS), OutdoorHub reported. Beneficiaries who have been declared incompetent to manage pension or disability payments and assigned a fiduciary could then potentially lose their right to bear arms.

The move could affect as many as 4.2 million adults who fall under that category, The Los Angeles Times reported.

PHOTOS: Top 10 handguns in the U.S.

The move is part of a gun-control effort by the Obama administration following the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, The Times reported.

NRA’s lobbying arm, the Institute for Legislative Action, called the plan “the largest gun grab in American history” and an “egregious case of bureaucratic over-reach.”

President Obama speaks about gun violence at the annual meeting of the U.S. Conference of Mayors in San Francisco on June 19, 2015. (Associated Press)

Massive Government Overreach: Obama’s AFFH Rule Is Out

by Stanley Kurtz July 8, 2015 10:47 AM

Today, HUD Secretary Julian Castro announced the finalization of the Obama administration’s Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Rule. A front-page article preemptively defending the move appears in today’s Washington Post. The final rule is 377 pages, vastly longer than the preliminary version of the rule promulgated in 2013. AFFH is easily one of President Obama’s most radical initiatives, on a par with Obamacare in its transformative potential. In effect, AFFH gives the federal government a lever to re-engineer nearly every American neighborhood — imposing a preferred racial and ethnic composition, densifying housing, transportation, and business development in suburb and city alike, and weakening or casting aside the authority of local governments over core responsibilities, from zoning to transportation to education. Not only the policy but the political implications are immense — at the presidential, congressional, state, and local levels. It is a scandal that the mainstream press has largely refused to report on AFFH until the day of its final release. The rule has been out in preliminary form for two years, and well before that the Obama administration’s transformative aims in urban/suburban policy were evident. Three years ago, when I wrote about Obama’s policy blueprint in Spreading the Wealth: How Obama Is Robbing the Suburbs to Pay for the Cities, the administration’s efforts to keep this issue under the radar were evident

The Americans are coming! Some in a Texas county fear an Obama-led U.S. military invasion.

As the U.S. prepares to launch a training exercise there this month, many suspect it’s a secret plot to spy on them, confiscate their guns and ultimately establish martial law in Texas

By Kevin Sullivan July 4
Washington post

BASTROP, Texas — The office of the Bastrop County Republican Party is in an old lumber mill on Main Street, with peeling brown paint and a sign out front that captures the party’s feelings about the Obama administration: “WISE UP AMERICA!”

Inside, county Chairman Albert Ellison pulled out a yellow legal pad on which he had written page after page of reasons why many Texans distrust President Obama, including the fact that, “in the minds of some, he was raised by communists and mentored by terrorists.”

So it should come as no surprise, Ellison said, that as the U.S. military prepares to launch one of the largest training exercises in history later this month, many Bastrop residents might suspect a secret Obama plot to spy on them, confiscate their guns and ultimately establish martial law in one of America’s proudly free conservative states.

They are not “nuts and wackos. They are concerned citizens, and they are patriots,” Ellison said of his suspicious neighbors. “Obama has really painted a portrait in the minds of many conservatives that he is capable of this sort of thing.”
Bastrop County, Texas

Obama’s half-brother sells revealing letter from president

By Carlos Greer
June 27, 2015 | 8:24pm

President Obama’s half-brother, Malik Abongo “Roy” Obama, has sold a handwritten letter from the president, penned 20 years ago, that reveals Obama’s reasoning for getting into politics — including “to deal with some serious issues blacks face here.”
The letter — which we hear Malik sold as a package with a copy of a manuscript of Obama’s first book, “Dreams From My Father,” with handwritten notes — also gives an update on first lady Michelle and his late mother, who died later that year.
Malik, who lives in Kenya, also sold two other handwritten letters from Obama for nearly $15,000 each in 2013. Malik, who shares the same father with the president, has said they were best men at each other’s weddings. But earlier this year, he called Obama a “schemer” and said, “He’s not been an honest man . . . in who he is and what he says and how he treats people.”

Obama Letter Photo:

Obama signs bill giving himself fast-track powers for trade deals

Published time: June 29, 2015 18:37
Edited time: June 30, 2015 11:37

President Barack Obama signed a bill giving him "fast-track" powers to conduct and conclude trade legislation. The bill was approved by Congress last week after months of contentious debate and several difficult votes.

In addition to the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA), as the fast-track bill is officially called, the president signed the Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) act, extending aid to US workers who might lose their jobs as a consequence of free-trade deals.

READ MORE: Senate puts Obama on fast-track to TPP

The two bills were originally bundled together in both the Senate and the House of Representatives as a way of securing bipartisan support. However, Obama faced an uphill battle within his own party, with the House Democrats rejecting TAA in order to hold TPA hostage.
U.S. President Barack Obama (Reuters / Jonathan Ernst)

TPP PASSES: Obama Now A Dictator

(Bloggers note: This marks the end of America as we know it and the end of the last of our freedom. We must push to repeal this. We cannot let this stick!)

From the Hill:

    The Senate on Tuesday voted to advance President Obama’s trade agenda, approving a measure to end debate on fast-track authority.

    The 60-37 motion sets up a vote on final passage on Wednesday. If the Senate approves fast-track or trade promotion authority (TPA), it would then be sent to Obama’s desk to become law. Fast-track authority would allow Obama to send trade deals to Congress for up-or-down votes. The White House wants the authority to conclude negotiations on a sweeping trans-Pacific trade deal.

    Thirteen Democrats backed fast-track in Tuesday’s vote, handing Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) a major legislative victory.

    They did so even though the trade package did not include a workers assistance program for people displaced by increased trade. The Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) program was a part of the last fast-track package approved by the Senate in May, but became a key part of opposition to the package among Democrats in the House.

    To move fast-track forward, the White House and GOP leaders in both chambers decided to break TAA away from fast-track, and to try to approve both in separate votes.

    After the Senate votes Wednesday on final passage for fast-track, it will take a procedural vote on a package that includes TAA and trade preferences for African countries known as the African Growth and Opportunity Act.

    McConnell has promised both bills, as well as a customs and enforcement bill favored by Democrats, will reach Obama’s desk by the end of the week.

    “If we all keep working together and trusting each other, then by the end of the week the President will have TPA, TAA, and AGOA and Preferences on his desk — with Customs in the process of heading his way too,” he said on the floor.

Read more at:
CNN 6/25/2015

Clinton, Obama seek gun control in wake of Charleston massacre

By Theodore Schleifer, CNN
Updated 8:50 PM ET, Thu June 18, 2015

Washington (CNN)President Barack Obama and other top Democrats -- including Hillary Clinton -- find themselves in a familiar place following the mass shooting in Charleston, South Carolina, on Wednesday: Pleading for gun control while knowing it's unlikely to happen.

"At some point, we as a country will have to reckon with the fact that this kind of mass violence does not happen in other advanced countries," he said, taking a long pause before continuing. "It doesn't happen in other places with this kind of frequency. It is in our power to do something about it."

Obama made a similar pitch in December 2012 after a gunman killed 20 young school chidren and six adults in Newtown, Connecticut. Then, the President invested significant political capital in an attempt to advance gun control legislation through Congress. But his efforts -- combated by pro-gun groups like the National Rifle Association -- were rebuffed in the U.S. Senate during a series of votes in April 2013. He called it "a pretty shameful day in Washington."

(Bloggers note: Here we go again folks! Two liberal, gun stealing, socialist losers wanting to ban guns rather than criminals! We should be hanging the bastards who commit these acts in public and broadcasting the hanging on national television, not banning the tool they used to commit the crime.)
Obama after the shootings. CNN 6/19/2015

Smoking-gun document said to prove Obama-Muslim Brotherhood ties

WND EXCLUSIVE - June 7, 2015

McCarthy: 'No such thing as a moderate Islamist'

WASHINGTON – The White House isn’t commenting on the exposure of a secret presidential directive, but critics tell WND it confirms what they feared: The Obama administration has an official policy of backing so-called “moderate Islamists,” including the jihadist group the Muslim Brotherhood.

A source familiar with the document told the Washington Times the “policy of backing the Muslim Brotherhood is outlined in a secret directive called Presidential Study Directive-11, or PSD-11.”

The governments of Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates officially consider the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization, but the presidential directive reportedly shows the White House considers the group a “moderate” alternative to ISIS and al-Qaida.



McCarthy told WND the Obama administration did not originate the problem of Islamist infiltration of the U.S. government, but it has greatly exacerbated that problem.

“Obama officials have intentionally sought to ally with Islamic supremacists, even those connected to terrorist organizations, on the harebrained theory that these Islamists will promote stability — i.e., they will work with us against jihadist organizations like al-Qaida, even though they share al-Qaida’s Shariah ideology and hostility toward the West.”

Gaffney told WND that “such a policy shift was the predictable consequence of having individuals associated with the Brotherhood holding positions of influence in the Obama administration and/or serving as advisers to several of its senior members, including the President, himself.”

Muslim Brotherhood meeting February 2014

Obama: We can't maintain Iran sanctions forever

In interview with Israeli media, US president also says Israel could lose its 'credibility' as peacemaker if it continues its intransigence on Palestinian issue.

Latest Update:     06.02.15, 23:51 / Israel News   
US President Barack Obama gave an intimate interview with Israeli media Tuesday night and addressed concerns that sanction relief for Iran would provide the Islamic Republic with new-found funds to cause mischief in the Middle East, saying that, "We shouldn't assume we can perpetuate the sanctions indefinitely."

Against the argument that sanction relief would offer Iran a vast array of new economic tools to export terror around the Middle East, the president said that sanctions could not be imposed forever, and that a "snapback" system would be in place to return the sanctions in the case that Iran breaks the deal.

Obama's comments in the interview come just over three weeks before an impending deal between Iran and six world powers including the US. The deal would place inspectors in Iran to oversee a nuclear program focused on energy while reducing the number of centrifuges in operation in the Islamic Republic. Iran's current stockpile of highly-enriched uranium would also be reduced.,7340,L-4664266,00.html
President Barack Obama. (Photo: Reuters)


Obama shows his ugly side to his own party

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Opinion: Obama shows his ugly side to his own party
By Darrell Delamaide

May 20, 2015 6:00 a.m. ET

WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — The controversial Pacific trade pact may well stand as part of President Barack Obama’s legacy — but it won’t be pretty.

The president’s defense of the Trans-Pacific Partnership against vocal critics in his own party is showing the least attractive side of his administration and his own personality — from excessive secrecy and duplicitous messaging to Obama’s personal contempt for politics.

Above all, it shows how his counterproductive rhetoric defeats his own goals, as his personal attacks on critics lose him support.

Using the full authority and prestige of his office, the president may yet rally enough support among Democrats to get fast-track authority for the trade deal, since Republicans largely back the measure.
(A) report, put together by Warren’s Senate staff and relying heavily on Government Accountability Office and Department of Labor assessments of previous trade agreements, details how the pacts have failed to provide the protections promised.

“Lack of enforcement by both Democratic and Republican presidents and other flaws with the treaties have allowed countries with weaker laws and standards and widespread labor and environment abuses to undermine treaty provisions, leaving U.S. workers and other interested parties with no recourse,” the Warren report finds.

Read more at:
Getty Images 2015

Obama Rips Fox: ‘We’re Going to Have to Change How the Media Reports’

by John Nolte12 May 2015 cr Breitbart

For going on seven years we have learned three things about President Obama: 1) He loves the poor so much he continues to create more of them. 2) He loves the poor so much he does everything in his power to keep them poor. 3) He doesn’t see the opposition as loyal, but as bad players — his enemy. This is especially true of Fox News, which Obama ripped as anti-poor bigots during a Wednesday afternoon summit on poverty.

We’re used to this Obama, the forever-partisan who has never seen himself as president of all the people but only of those who worship him.

What was most revealing about the president’s comments was his expressed desire to “change how the media reports.”

Speaking of Fox News, the poor, and the way GOP leaders think, Obama said, [W]e’re going to have to change how our body politic thinks, which means we’re going to have to change how the media reports on these issues.”

(Blogger's note: Great - Now Obama is preaching FULL control of the media - Sounds Marxist to me...)

Read more at:
(TV Screenshot)

A Multinational Trojan Horse: The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)

By Tyler Durden on 05/09/2015 20:45

You don’t have to know much about the “trade” deal called the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) to be more than a little suspicious.

...There are the very peculiar bedfellows. Supporting the TPP are President Obama and most Congressional Republicans, the same Republicans who’ve vehemently opposed his every initiative for the past six and one-half years.
Peel back the layers of the TPP and you’ll find what some believe to be a “corporate Trojan horse.” Disguised as “free trade,” the TPP’s provisions and tactics undermine Constitutional safeguards and national sovereignty. But there’s also a silver lining. The TPP exposes who, in the marbled halls of political power, is working for whom. It forces politicians to put their cards on the table, and by their hands you will know them.
The TPP, which involves 12 nations and 40% of the earth’s trade, has been called “NAFTA on steroids.”
The ISDS provisions of the TPP are insidious: the means by which signatory nations voluntarily surrender national sovereignty to the authority of corporate tribunals, without appeal, and apparently without exit provisions. No wonder the negotiations are secret.

Packaged as a gift to the American people that will renew industry and make us more competitive, the Trans-Pacific Partnership is a Trojan horse. It’s a coup by multinational corporations who want global subservience to their agenda. Buyer beware. Citizens beware.

Read the full article at:

(Editor's note: buried in this document are laws that would repeal all public domain documents, films, media, etc... This would not only make illegal all the currently free public documents, but also much of the Internet - including this very blog! Significant restrictions would also be placed on firearms and ammunition, particularly the import of the same. In my personal opinion, this agreement violates the U.S. Constitution in more ways than can be counted - and we are not even allowed to LOOK at it or VOTE on it as citizens!)

Obama - 4/4/2015 Associated Press

IRS wasted $5.6B on bogus Obama stimulus tax credits, audit finds

IRS wasted $5.6B on bogus Obama stimulus tax credits, audit finds

By Stephen Dinan - The Washington Times - Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The IRS doled out more than $5 billion in potentially bogus college aid payments in 2012 under an Obama stimulus tax credit, according to a report Tuesday from the agency’s inspector general that said the administration still doesn’t have a good handle on how to root out erroneous claims.

Nearly 4 million students had questionable claims, totaling more than $5.6 billion in that one year alone, the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration said. At least half of the students never provided tuition statements showing what they paid, while others attended schools that didn’t qualify them for the tax credit.

Other students claimed the credit for more than four years, which should have automatically earned a rejection, the investigators said.

Read more at:
The Internal Revenue Service headquarters building is seen in Washington on April 13, 2014. (Associated Press)

Texas Governor Deploys State Guard To Stave Off Obama Takeover

Texas Governor Deploys State Guard To Stave Off Obama Takeover
May 02, 2015 9:27 PM ET Wade Goodwyn

Since Gen. Sam Houston executed his famous retreat to glory to defeat the superior forces of Gen. Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, Texas has been ground zero for military training. We have so many military bases in the Lone Star State we could practically attack Russia.

So when rookie Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announced he was ordering the Texas State Guard to monitor a Navy SEAL/Green Beret joint training exercise, which was taking place in Texas and several other states, everybody here looked up from their iPhones. What?

It seems there is concern among some folks that this so-called training maneuver is just a cover story. What's really going on? President Obama is about to use Special Forces to put Texas under martial law.

Let's walk over by the fence where nobody can hear us, and I'll tell you the story.

You see, there are these Wal-Marts in West Texas that supposedly closed for six months for "renovation." That's what they want you to believe. The truth is these Wal-Marts are going to be military guerrilla-warfare staging areas and FEMA processing camps for political prisoners. The prisoners are going to be transported by train cars that have already been equipped with shackles.

Don't take my word for it. That comes directly from a Texas Ranger, who seems pretty plugged in, if you ask me. You and I both know President Obama has been waiting a long time for this, and now it's happening. It's a classic false flag operation. Don't pay any attention to the mainstream media; all they're going to do is lie and attack everyone who's trying to tell you the truth.

"It is important that Texans know their safety, constitutional rights, private property rights and civil liberties will not be infringed upon."

- Gov. Greg Abbott, R-Texas

Did I mention the ISIS terrorists? They've come across the border and are going to hit soft targets all across the Southwest. They've set up camp a few miles outside of El Paso.

That includes a Mexican army officer and Mexican federal police inspector. Not sure what they're doing there, but probably nothing good. That's why the Special Forces guys are here, get it? To wipe out ISIS and impose martial law. So now you know, whaddya say we get back to the party and grab another beer?

It's true that the paranoid world-view of right-wing militia types has remarkable stamina. But that's not news.

What is news is that there seem to be enough of them in Texas to influence the governor of the state to react — some might use the word pander — to them

Read more at:

Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott ordered the Texas State Guard to monitor a joint U.S. Special Forces training taking place in Texas, prompting outrage from some in his own party.
Eric Gay/AP

Obama gives amnesty to known gang member, ‘Top Model’ murder suspect - 20 other suspected gang affiliates get admin’s approval

By Stephen Dinan - The Washington Times - Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The illegal immigrant accused of killing a former “America’s Next Top Model” contestant and three others in a drug-fueled spree was a known gang member with drug arrests on his record at the time he was approved for President Obama’s amnesty for Dreamers, a top lawmaker revealed Tuesday.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services now acknowledges that it bungled the case two years ago when it approved the man for amnesty. The agency said it has revoked his status — a month after he was arrested and charged with murder in connection with four deaths in North Carolina.

“Based on standard procedures and processes in place at the time, the [deferred action] request and related employment authorization should not have been approved,” USCIS Director Leon Rodriguez said about his agency’s catastrophic error in approving Emmanuel Jesus Rangel-Hernandez.

The case has become a black eye on Mr. Obama’s 2012 amnesty for Dreamers, known in governmentspeak as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, which has approved more than 600,000 applications.

Read more:

Photo by: Damian Dovarganes (Associated Press)

America Tells Obama To Shove It In This Overwhelming Rebuke On A HUGE Issue

In what must surely be a stunning setback for the president and his gun-control allies who keep pushing for stricter measures on the personal ownership and use of firearms, a major new survey shows that America says, basically, “forget about it.”

The Washington Examiner reports on a new poll from Pew Research Center that finds support for Americans’ gun rights is now at its highest point in the past quarter-century.

“Exactly two years after President Obama’s bid for gun control following the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting died in Congress, a new poll has discovered a huge shift in public opinion to backing Second Amendment gun rights and away from controlling gun ownership.”

Read more at:

Image Credit: Twitter

Obama's Iranian-born adviser 'architect' of deal?

Valerie Jarrett - 'He and I shared a view of where the United States fit in the world'

April 14, 2015
NEW YORK – Critics of the Obama administration’s diplomatic clash with Israel and tilt toward Iran, resulting in a nuclear “framework agreement” to be finalized by the end of June, have pointed to the influence of top White House adviser Valerie Jarrett, who was born in Iran.

Retired Lt. Gen. William G. “Jerry” Boykin, former deputy undersecretary of defense for intelligence under President George W. Bush, spotlighted Jarrett’s influence in a Fox News interview in February.

“There are many who are now saying that [Jarrett] is really the architect of this non-treaty with the Iranians,” he said, “which ultimately will result in the Iranians having a nuclear program, and America having to accept a nuclear-armed Iran.”

Read more at:
President Obama and Valerie Jarrett

Obama Denounces ‘Less-than-Loving’ Christians at Easter Prayer Breakfast

by Matt Wilstein | 12:43 pm, April 7th, 2015

Towards the end of his speech at Tuesday morning’s Easter Prayer Breakfast, President Barack Obama appeared to veer off script to make some comments that implicitly referenced the fierce debate that has been raging over the last week about “religious freedom” laws in Indiana, Arkansas and elsewhere.

“On Easter, I do reflect on the fact that as a Christian, I am supposed to love,” Obama said. “And I have to say that sometimes when I listen to less-than-loving expressions by Christians, I get concerned.” As the crowd began to murmur, the president backed off, saying, “But that’s a topic for another day.”

“I was about to veer off,” he explained. “I’m pulling it back.”

President Obama Must Not Complete a Disastrous Deal With Iran

Forget Churchill—Obama Isn't Measuring up to Neville Chamberlain
By The Editors | 03/31/15 3:32pm

With the US on the brink of signing an agreement that will lift the crippling economic sanctions on Iran in exchange for alleged guarantees that Iran will limit its nuclear ambitions to peaceful means, the Observer urges President Obama not to place his personal hunger for a legacy issue ahead of his most solemn duty – protecting America’s national security.

Barack Obama has been compared to British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain , who concluded the ill-fated Munich Pact with Hitler in 1938. But Chamberlain acted out of a sincere belief that he was avoiding a greater evil. Chamberlain was not thinking of his place in history. He was thinking only of the Britain that he loved, a Britain that was all but disarmed, exhausted, and vulnerable. He was dealing with a nation that had been decimated by the Great War, a nation whose “best and brightest” five years earlier had declared in the infamous Oxford Oath that they would not fight for king or country, and a nation that was as materially unprepared for war as Germany was prepared to fight. Chamberlain dealt from a position of weakness, one that Hitler continually exploited in the negotiations, even by changing the time and place to make it more inconvenient for the British leader to attend them.

In sharp contrast, Mr. Obama is acting out of personal aggrandizement. He believes he is replicating President Richard Nixon’s historic opening of China. For Mr. Obama, the Iranian nuclear arms deal is about his place in history. Mr. Obama is dealing from a position of strength that he refuses to use. The sanctions have hurt Iran. Falling oil prices only add to Iran’s vulnerability. Instead of using the sanctions to pursue his original promise that Iran would not get the bomb, Mr. Obama has moved the goal post. Iran would not get the bomb immediately. It would be permitted to enrich uranium well beyond the 5 percent need for generating nuclear energy and be left with a breakout capacity to create a bomb.

US Secretary of State John Kerry (C) waits prior to world powers representatives meeting to pin down a nuclear deal with Iran, on March 30, 2015 at the Beau Rivage Palace Hotel in Lausanne. (Photo: BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP/Getty Images)

Gallup CEO: I May ‘Suddenly Disappear’ for Telling Truth About Obama Unemployment

Monday February 9, 2015 10:13 AM

The head of the Gallup polling firm recently backpedaled on his claim that the official unemployment rate being trumpeted by the White House, Wall Street and the media is a “big lie.”

Jim Clifton, the Chairman and CEO of Gallup, recently told CNBC that he was worried he might “suddenly disappear” if he disputed the accuracy of what the U.S. government is reporting as unemployed Americans, Wall Street on Parade reported.

“I think that the number that comes out of BLS [Bureau of Labor Statistics] and the Department of Labor is very, very accurate. I need to make that very, very clear so that I don’t suddenly disappear. I need to make it home tonight.”

But he contended that the percent of full time jobs in this country as a percent of the adult population “is the worst it’s been in 30 years.”

His appearance on CNBC came days after he claimed the official unemployment rate being trumpeted by the White House, Wall Street and the media is a “big lie.”

“None of them will tell you this: If you, a family member or anyone is unemployed and has subsequently given up on finding a job - if you are so hopelessly out of work that you’ve stopped looking over the past four weeks - the Department of Labor doesn’t count you as unemployed,” the venerable firm’s chief executive officer and chairman last week wrote in his blog.

“Right now, as many as 30 million Americans are either out of work or severely underemployed. Trust me, the vast majority of them aren’t throwing parties to toast ‘falling’ unemployment.”

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Jim Clifton, Chairman and CEO of Gallup

Obama: ‘By Hook Or Crook,’ I’ll Expand Government

White House Correspondent
11:29 AM 03/22/2015

President Barack Obama says he’s going to push the limits on presidential power as far as he can go during the last two years of his tenure.

“Where [elected Republicans in Congress] are not willing to work with us, we will do it administratively or we will convene the private sector,” he said in a friendly interview with The Huffington Post.

“By hook or by crook,” he added.

Obama said his big-government push would “make sure that when I leave this office, that the country is more prosperous, more people have opportunity, kids have a better education, we’re more competitive, climate change is being taken more seriously than it was, and we are actually trying to do something about it.”

In practice, Obama’s agenda includes more progressive control over peoples’ salaries, education practices and the energy companies. Each expansion means that state and local governments plus large and small companies will cooperate with regulators to push progressives’ goals, instead of trying to please Americans voters, taxpayers and free-market consumers.

Despite the huge victory delivered by GOP voters and swing voters in November, it is not clear if the GOP leaders can — are will even try — to block Obama’s plan.

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Dick Cheney Says Obama Is Playing The ‘Race Card’ To Excuse His Terrible Presidency

by Kay Steiger Posted on March 17, 2015 at 4:35 pm Updated: March 17, 2015 at 5:14 pm

Former Vice President Dick Cheney said that President Barack Obama was “playing the race card” to excuse criticism of his record as president.

“I think they’re playing the race card, in my view. Certainly we haven’t given up—nor should we give up—the right to criticize an administration and public officials. To say that we criticize, or that I criticize, Barack Obama or Eric Holder because of race, I just think it’s obviously not true,” Cheney said in a wide-ranging interview with Playboy magazine released on Tuesday. “My view of it is the criticism is merited because of performance—or lack of performance, because of incompetence. It hasn’t got anything to do with race.”
Cheney also called Obama “the worst president in his lifetime,” even when stacked up against other liberal presidents. “I look at Barack Obama and I see the worst president in my lifetime, without question—and that’s saying something. I used to have significant criticism of Jimmy Carter, but compared to Barack Obama and the damage he is doing to the nation—it’s a tragedy, a real tragedy, and we are going to pay a hell of a price just trying to dig out from under his presidency,” he said.

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 CREDIT: AP Photo/Charles Dharapak

Republican: "Obama should be hanged"

Republican: Obama should be hanged
'Execution is the appropriate punishment for traitors'
Published: 01/21/2014 at 8:17 PM

A GOP candidate for the Florida House of Representatives is under fire from his own party and said he’s been visited by the Secret Service after he tweeted Monday that President Obama should be hanged for treason.

Joshua Black, 31-year-old Republican candidate for Florida House District 68, quoted a tweeter, saying “I’m past impeachment. It’s time to arrest and hang him high.” Black added, “agreed.”

Chris Latvala, a Republican candidate for House District 67, shot back: “You aren’t seriously calling for the killing of Obama are you? I know you are crazy but good heavens. U R an embarrassment.”

Black then replied, “Execution is the appropriate punishment for traitors.
Joshua Black, 31-year-old Republican candidate for Florida House District 68

Rare Victory: Obama administration temporarily drops ammo ban proposal

By Dr. John R. Lott Jr. Published March 10,

If President Obama can’t have his way with banning guns, it looks like his next option is to ban the bullets used by those guns.  Too often, Obama has shown little regard for the law.  He does what he wants.  If you want him to actually follow the law, you will have to take him to court.

The Obama administration had proposed a ban on one of the most popular and inexpensive bullets for America’s most popular rifle.  A majority of both the House and Senate have spoken out against the ban.  But Tuesday the Obama administration at least temporarily backed off on unilaterally rewriting the laws concerning what bullets can and cannot be sold. 

Embarrassingly for Obama it appeared that his administration had jumped the gun on banning the bullets.  The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (BATF) latest "Firearms Regulation Reference Guide," released in January 2015 dropped the 1986 ruling that found the popular ".223 M855 'green tip' ammunition" meet legal requirements.  The change made it appear as if the decision was made before the Obama administration even asked for public comments. 

The BATF claims the change was merely an accident, but no explanation has been offered for why just this one paragraph in almost 250 pages of regulations was missing.

Obama and Netanyahu: A clash of world views, not just personalities

By Stephen Collinson, CNN
Updated 8:53 AM ET, Mon March 2, 2015

Washington (CNN)The disconnect between President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is about a lot more than bad personal chemistry.

Their relationship, which will be played out in all its dysfunctional glory during Netanyahu's visit to Washington this week, founders on a deep ideological divide and a sharply conflicting world view.

A long, steadily worsening showdown between the rivals is coming to a head in the tense final stages of talks between world powers and Iran in pursuit of a nuclear deal backed by the U.S. but opposed by Netanyahu.
The speech, likely to delight Republicans, who are also trying to thwart Obama's Iran diplomacy, will be the starkest illustration yet of the estrangement between Netanyahu and Obama.

Obama vetoes Keystone XL pipeline, leaving it in limbo

WASHINGTON Tue Feb 24, 2015 6:05pm EST

(Reuters) - President Barack Obama on Tuesday, as promised, swiftly vetoed a Republican bill approving the Keystone XL oil pipeline, leaving the long-debated project in limbo for another indefinite period.

The U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, after receiving Obama's veto message, immediately countered by announcing the Republican-led chamber would attempt to override it by March 3.

That is unlikely. Despite their majority, Republicans are four votes short of being able to overturn Obama's veto.

They have vowed to attach language approving the pipeline to a spending bill or other legislation later in the year that the president would find difficult to veto.

The TransCanada Corp pipeline would carry 830,000 barrels a day of mostly Canadian oil sands crude to Nebraska en route to refineries and ports along the U.S. Gulf. It has been pending for more than six years.

Say it, Obama: ‘Islamic’ 
By Michael GoodwinFebruary 18, 2015 | 1:53am

 A recent news bulletin announced that police in Nova Scotia broke up a plot by two men who aimed to carry out mass murder at a shopping mall and then commit suicide.
Here is what the Associated Press said about the plot in its second paragraph:
“Police and other officials said it was not related to Islamic terrorism.”
Whew, that’s a relief. And a surprise.

If you shared my instant reactions, you also are wondering what the hell is going on with the Obama administration. When the liberal Associated Press feels the need to address readers’ assumptions about Islam and terrorism, we have a reached a tipping point.
Make that a worldwide tipping point. With the pope and Cardinal Timothy Dolan joining Jewish leaders and growing numbers of Muslim officials in Arab lands speaking honestly about the horrors perpetrated under Islam’s name, that leaves President Obama as the odd man out.
Not every Muslim is a terrorist. But almost all terrorists are Muslims. Those two statements are both accurate, as even Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi tacitly conceded when he scolded Islamic clerics for failing to halt the spread of jihadists. But inconvenient truths don’t matter to Obama.

The president’s ideological blinkers will be on vivid display this week, with 60 countries invited to a White House summit on extremism. But aides made clear there would be no change in the willful ignorance.
“We are not treating these people as part of a religion. We’re treating them as terrorists,” an official told reporters.

This is nuts. Although the Islamic State, al Qaeda, Boko Haram and the Taliban cite Islam as the basis of their death cults, Obama argues that their acts are contrary to Islam, and therefore, refuses to associate them with Islam.
Thankfully, Christian leaders finally realize they cannot count on the president and must themselves sound the alarm about what is happening in Muslim countries. The beheading of 21 Coptic Christians in Libya was the latest outrage linked to a genocidal religious cleansing.
As the pope and Dolan made clear, the victims were killed because of their faith, with the Islamic butchers calling them “people of the cross” and “crusaders.”
The fact that Jews are singled out for their religion is hardly in doubt — except at the White House. After Obama foolishly used the word “randomly” to describe the slaughter of four Jews in a Paris kosher deli, aides scrambled to defend him. They soon gave up, conceding what French authorities said all along — the slaughter was an anti-Semitic attack by a follower of the Islamic State.

Obama’s hesitation to admit the obvious fact about the victims echoes the refusal to properly call Islamic terrorists what they are.
At the same time, he has no problem standing up for Islam when he thinks its adherents are wronged. Although police have not concluded that the murder of three Muslims in North Carolina had anything to do with religion — the killer confessed and denied religion was an issue — the Justice Department opened a civil rights investigation and Obama issued a statement suggesting the murders were hate crimes.
Photo: WireImage 2015

by AWR HAWKINS15 Feb 2015

A notice from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) shows the agency is considering a ban on the popular M855 AR-15 round — by re-categorizing the round as “armor piercing.”

Once categorized as “armor piercing,” sales of the M855 rounds can be restricted or banned altogether under language in the Gun Control Act of 1968 (GCA), which describes marketable ammunition as that which is “primarily intended to be used for sporting purposes.”

The ammunition guidelines set forth in the GCA are intended for handguns, but are also being applied to ammunition used in AR-15 rifles because AR-15 pistols fire the same ammunition.

On Friday, the NRA-ILA responded to ATF’s pending ammunition ban, describing it as “a move clearly intended by the Obama administration to repress the acquisition, ownership, and use of AR-15s and other .223 caliber general purpose rifles.” The NRA-ILA made it clear that this is but a “continuation of Obama’s use of his executive authority to impose gun control restrictions and bypass Congress.”
AP Photo/Allen Breed

The Political Insider
By TPIWriter 2/12/2015

Retired 4-Star U.S. Navy Admiral James A. “Ace” Lyons was recently at the National Press Club. And his claims are shocking.

It appears that the Obama Regime has been FULLY infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood terrorism front group on every level. And that pro-radical Islam group is also in every level of U.S. security agencies. Lyons went on to say that “the transformation of America has been in full swing ever since 2008.” And when Obama campaigned on a platform to “fundamentally transform America,” Obama has done exactly that!

In addition Lyons made the important point that there is no meaningful line between Islam and radical Islam. “Islam is Islam,” he said.

Read more:
By Jonah Goldberg - February 6, 2015

On Tuesday, the so-called Islamic State released a slickly produced video showing a Jordanian pilot being burned alive in a steel cage. On Wednesday, the United Nations issued a report detailing various “mass executions of boys, as well as reports of beheadings, crucifixions of children, and burying children alive” at the hands of the Islamic State.

And on Thursday, President Obama seized the opportunity of the National Prayer Breakfast to forthrightly criticize the “terrible deeds” . . . committed “in the name of Christ.”

"And lest we get on our high horse and think this is unique to some other place, remember that during the Crusades and the Inquisition, people committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ. In our home country, slavery and Jim Crow all too often was justified in the name of Christ."

Obama’s right. Terrible things have been done in the name of Christianity. I have yet to meet a Christian who denies this.

But, as odd as it may sound for a guy named Goldberg to point it out, the Inquisition and the Crusades aren’t the indictments Obama thinks they are. For starters, the Crusades — despite their terrible organized cruelties — were a defensive war.


When Obama alludes to the evils of medieval Christianity, he fails to acknowledge the key word: “medieval.” What made medieval Christianity backward wasn’t Christianity but medievalism.

It is perverse that Obama feels compelled to lecture the West about not getting too judgmental on our “high horse” over radical Islam’s medieval barbarism in 2015 because of Christianity’s medieval barbarism in 1215.

It’s also insipidly hypocritical. President Obama can’t bring himself to call the Islamic State “Islamic,” but he’s happy to offer a sermon about Christianity’s alleged crimes at the beginning of the last millennium.

Chicago homosexual community shocked he could keep it secret
Published: 09/11/2012 at 9:53 PM

A prominent member of Chicago’s homosexual community claims Barack Obama’s participation in the “gay” bar and bathhouse scene was so well known that many who were aware of his lifestyle were shocked when he ran for president and finally won the White House.

“It was preposterous to the people I knew then to think Obama was going to keep his gay life secret,” said Kevin DuJan, who was a gossip columnist in Chicago for various blogs when Obama was living in the city as a community organizer and later a state senator.

“Nobody who knew Obama in the gay bar scene thought he could possibly be president,” said DuJan.

DuJan, founder and editor of the Hillary Clinton-supporting website, told WND he has first-hand information from two different sources that “Obama was personally involved in the gay bar scene.”

“If you just hang out at these bars, the older guys who have been frequenting these gay bars for 25 years will tell you these stories,” DuJan said. “Obama used to go to the gay bars during the week, most often on Wednesday, and they said he was very much into older white guys.”

Obama, DuJan said, is “not heterosexual and he’s not bisexual. He’s homosexual.”

Investigative journalist Wayne Madsen, who worked with the National Security Agency from 1984 to 1988 as a Navy intelligence analyst, confirmed DuJan’s claims.

New York Post By John Podhoretz - January 20, 2015 

“We turn the page,” said President Obama last night in citing all the good news he could about the current state of the union. “The shadow of crisis has passed and the state of the union is strong.”
The problem with all this page-turning is that neither Barack Obama nor America has the power unilaterally to make it happen. There are other people in the world writing the book. Iran is a co-author, as is ISIS, as is Russia.

Here at home, the Republicans have been charged by the electorate with a mandate to — at the very least — edit the president’s attempt to write and rewrite history to his liking.

For not a single bright and shiny plan he proposed last night will ever be converted into legislation that will cross his desk.

Obama, Biden, Boehner Photo by John Podhoretz - January 20, 2015 


President Obama was quick to tout his grand idea of “free” community college during his State of the Union address Tuesday night, all while ignoring the actual cost of the program on American taxpayers...

While all of this pretty language sounds great, his actual proposal is far from “free and universal” like high school.

Obama has proposed $320 billion in tax hikes to help cover the costs from his higher education initiative, plus the “creation, expansion, and consolidation” of education tax breaks and credits.

His proposal would actually tax money that families have set aside in accounts just for college tuition, currently designated as tax free, and it would essentially require low income families to hire tax professionals to figure out exactly how to claim their refundable portion of the American Opportunity Tax Credit.

When Obama says he is bringing forth a plan that will lower the cost “to zero,” don’t believe it.
President Barack Obama delivers his State of the Union address to a joint session of Congress on Capitol Hill on Tuesday, Jan. 20, 2015, in Washington. Vice President Joe Biden and House Speaker John Boehner of Ohio, listen in the background. (AP Photo/Mandel Ngan, Pool)


 On Sunday, The Daily Caller aired a video of new Charlie Hebdo Editor-in-Chief Gerard Biard criticizing major news outlets which chose to obscure the cover of the French satirical magazine’s latest issue for “blurring out democracy.”

In his remarks made to NBC’s Chuck Todd, Biard said that his newspaper’s ability to publish material of its choosing represents “freedom of religion, democracy, and secularism.”  In an interview with Sky News, Biard said that a “secular society” is the only means of maintaining “democracy.”
Obama's Long Form Birth Certificate
Has the media censored what could be
the biggest political crime in U.S. history?

His Illinois state senate and U.S. Senate voting records were obscured from view, and a print report from a 2006 Hawaii newspaper stating that he was born in Indonesia was quickly “corrected” to say that he was born in Hawaii without any proof.

In May 2012, Breitbart News discovered that Obama’s official biography had been changed in April 2007, two months after Obama announced his candidacy for the presidency, to say that he was “born in Hawaii” rather than “born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii,” as it had stated since 1991.

In explanation, Obama’s literary agent claimed that the “born in Kenya” statement was the result of a “fact-checking error.”  The mainstream media failed to televise Breitbart’s findings and the literary agent’s response.

Despite the discovery, Breitbart decisively stated that its staff believed that Obama was “born in Hawaii” and does not permit comments referring to Obama’s questionable eligibility.


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