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March 30, 2016                                 

Former Democratic Candidate for Governor of Pennsylvania and Deputy Attorney General of Pennsylvania
Changes from Democrat to Republican
To Vote for Trump
As it is Vital to Defeat Hillary for President

             [March 30, 2016, Lafayette Hill, PA] –
            Philip J. Berg, Author of ObamaScare; former Democratic Candidate for Governor of Pennsylvania [1990]; former Deputy Attorney General of Pennsylvania for eight [8] years [1972-1980]; and former Democratic Candidate for U.S. Senate from Pennsylvania [2000]; and a life-time Democrat; changes his party registration from Democrat to Republican to vote for Donald J. Trump as it is vital to defeat Hillary for President in 2016.
            As soon as possible after the Primary, I will change back to Democrat to try to wake up Democrats as to the disaster that will follow if Hillary is elected as well as the wrong policies of the Democratic Party; and become a leader in Democrats for Trump.
            Donald J. Trump is the answer that the citizens of the United States need to “Make America Great Again.” 

            Donald J. Trump:
·        A successful business person
·        A successful TV personality
·        A Diplomat as Trump and his inner circle have built successful Hotels and Golf Courses around the world
·        Is not a racist; anti-Mexican; anti-Muslim; as it would have been reported throughout the Internet – and it has not
·        Is the only person strong enough to put Putin, Iran and China in their place; as they are walking all over the United States because of Obama’s policies

Hillary Clinton:  
·        Wants to follow Obama’s policies that most Americans believe are wrong:
o   That have caused the U.S. to lose respect around the world;
o   Downgraded our military to pre-World War II levels;
o   Has made a mess in the Middle East;
o   Allowed ISSI to strengthen;
o   Has caused a million to stop seeking employment; etc.
·        Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama should be in jail for Benghazi
o   From day one, Hillary and Obama lied about Benghazi;
o   Saying it was from an internet anti-Muslim video, Innocence of Muslims, when they knew it was a terrorist attack.
o   Allowed U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice to go to 5 major TV stations 5 days later, on September 16, 2012 stating Benghazi was from an internet video;
o   Stood by when president Obama was on the Late Show with David Letterman on September 18, 2012 and stated the attack was from the internet video;
o   Stood by when Obama went to the United Nations 14 days after Benghazi on September 25, 2012 and in his speech 5 times in his speech, stating that Benghazi occurred because of the internet video.        
·        The cover-up of Benghazi because of Obama’s forthcoming election less than 2 months away!
o   Facts:
·        There were 60 to 80 requests before the Benghazi attack on 09/11/2012 for more security at Benghazi – all denied by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s Office.
·        Obama and Hillary spoke the evening of Benghazi and knew it was from a terrorist attack.
·        Hillary sent an Email to her daughter about terrorists attacking Benghazi the evening of, or the next day.
·        Hillary had a private computer server.
·        Hillary threw out thirty [30,000] thousand “personal” Emails – who believes that? 
·        Hillary admitted she lied at the recent Congressional Hearings.
·        And how can we forget on May 8, 2013, Hillary Clinton testifying before the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee on the Benghazi Consulate Attack stated regarding the fact of the four dead Americans, “What difference at this point does it make?”
# # #
** Note: Philip J. Berg, Author; a Volunteer Fire Police Officer for 35 years with the Barren Hill Volunteer Fire Company in Whitemarsh Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.
Berg, a life-long Democrat who was a candidate for Governor and United States Senate from Pennsylvania and is a Life Member of the NAACP, has pursed his efforts to expose Obama because of Obama’s blatant disregard of the U.S. Constitution and Obama’s ongoing efforts to change the United States to the detriment of its citizens.
Berg’s book, ObamaScare, includes chapters on Obama’s lies; Treason and Impeachment.
            Berg is available for all media: Radio, TV and print engagements/interviews.
            ObamaScare can be purchased on and Amazon.


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