The Impacts of Barrack Obama’s Politics

The Impacts of Barrack Obama’s Politics – Barrack Obama can be defined as one of the most notable presidents that the United States of America history. He could make the people believe that the nation would be better under his leadership by approaching and embracing the people with various backgrounds. Based on this particular fact, it is no wonder that Obama gets so much support and love from his people. Nevertheless, he actually had some bad political strategies that really give the not good enough impacts to both of the nation and the people. So, in case you really want to find out what those impacts are, you can figure them out below.
– How the Global Warming Policies Failed
Barrack Obama seemed to have a hesitation when he wanted to overcome the huge complex issues of global warming and the environment. In the other words, everybody in the country knew that he put global warming at the top of his agenda, but he could not choose the right way to fix the problem as well as possible. It was like he just did not know what he had to do or pretended to be ignorant about the issue. It was because he kept presiding over an Environmental Protection Agency which refused to revise the permitting rules in order to let the low carbon emission plants replace the outdated coal facilities. In addition, Obama also defended the enormous overregulation under the Clean Air Act and the Clean Water Act. Not only that, his international protocols could easily create domestic displacement without getting any environmental benefits.

– The Disappointing Foreign Policies
Foreign affairs policies could make the United States of America in the worse and more dangerous situation when Barrack Obama took the office. He kept pushing the countries in the Middle East area, which are like Afghanistan, Iraq, and Iran, by committing military attacks. Besides, the issue appealed in Syria caused the terrible migration crisis not only in Europe but all over the world. This particular thing actually really disappointed the allies of the country. So then, it would create the global conspiracies, transient alliances, and political instability that could make everything so much worse than what had happened in the past. In addition to this, ISIS has set up multiple permanent bases throughout the Middle East while the refugee issue had not finished yet. Thus, all of the people have to be ready because they might do the more impactful terrorist activities once those reached the United States.

Why Obamacare Fails to Impress Public

Why Obamacare Fails to Impress Public – It is no secret that each president has taken pride of their successful program. In the future, this program will be continued by the next president. Since Obama received lots of spotlights during his reign, what was his program? It was no other than Obamacare. Sadly, this program didn’t pass the bar.

– Ambiguous Rules
For all health insurances, there are several important rules that should be explained well to the members. Some of them are the monthly limit and procedures to claim insurance frauds. Both of them were not included in the first proposal of “Affordable Care Act”. In fact, the decision kept being pushed back by legislatives body.

In February, government mentioned that they were still discussing the minimum and maximum amount of ACA. They mentioned that the process might take a year. In late 2013, they also said that complaint requirement had not been decided yet. Previously, it took 50 complaint letters to force insurance company looked into the matters. In an online games site like , such many complaints can’t happen as they deal with it right away or the site lose the players.

– Opposite Reality
As part of Obamacare campaign, people are excited upon the phrase ‘ if you like your plan, you can keep it”. The “plan” here referred to health insurance plan. Interpreting from the phrase, you cannot blame people when they start to adjust the plan to their incomes and other conditions. Sadly, these “personalized plans” were rejected by insurers. The reason is simple; they didn’t fit Obamacare rules.

Actually, there was one great way to solve this problem. Obama could send the bills to White House. Surprisingly, he didn’t. Upon an urgent press conference, he declared that people would be able to afford their personalized plan, even when it went against ACA rules. This exclusivity would last for a year. Then what would happen after that year?

– Unfamiliar Concept
It turned out that Obamacare is not only problematic from the outside. The internal government bodies were struggling to keep up. Certain clause in Obamacare mentioned that the insurance should be obtained from Health Exchanges. This concept was not familiar, since most health insurances offered by government were funded by tax.

Obamacare also had offer for those workers whose bosses didn’t provide health insurance. They were suggested to take the plan from “Exchange under State observation”. For each workers, government then will put the fine on that business.

In order to make new law, a lot of parties should agree. When president took matters into his plate, the short impact is bigger than its whole preparation. As the result, overall system doesn’t properly settle and cannot be implemented. In the end, the program was not running well.

Foreign Donors for Obama’s Second Period

Foreign Donors for Obama’s Second Period – Foreign donors are forbidden under the United States election law. The us federal election commission finds that a mediator has helped a Saudi businessman contribute to the inaugural celebrate of the second period of U.S. President barack Obama in 2012. Other presidential candidates are also secretly getting injections of funding from foreign donors, without knowing it. When U.S.

President barack Obama was elected for the second period of 2012, a Saudi typist and his business associates sent hundreds of thousands of dollars to help pay for inaugural celebrations and get a photo with Obama, according to court documents and analysis of campaign financial records by the Associated Press. The United States election law has forbidden foreign citizens to make such political contributions. But the donation that sheikh Mohammed al rahbani was attempting to send to the Obama installation committee was distributed through an experienced broker, according to ap records and analysis.

The broker, imaad zubere, has agreed in October 2019 to plead guilty to carrying out illegal campaign contributions to several American political candidates on behalf of foreign citizens. He will also plead guilty to hiding his work as a foreign agent when he lobbied high officials of the us government. The prosecution by U.S. attorneys in Los Angeles is the latest fact in a series of cases that highlights the influx of foreign money that is prohibited in American politics, and the campaign’s approach is often lax in checking funding contributions. Zuberry an upperclass fund raiser and venture capitalist investor had raised millions of dollars for Democrats and republicans over the years. The prosecutor said that he had been working on behalf of some stranger, not just rahbani.

Rahbani, in the last few interviews, has spoken of his support for Obama. He posted a picture of himself and his wife on his website standing with Obama, former U.S. vice President Joe biden, and their partner at the inaugural event in 2013. The site was deleted shortly after zuberi’s guilt plea was announced. The prosecutor said that sjeumus $100,000 from the rahbani company intended for its inaugural committee has been designated for “a photo opportunity.” It was not uncommon for political funds to offer a photo session with candidates in exchange for donations, and such a practice was clearly legal, even though a foreign national donation ban would remain in force. Zuberry tried to make rahbani and one of his business associates donate more money.

Unfortunate Decisions in Obama Era

Unfortunate Decisions in Obama Era – When citizen heard the name “Obama”, many of them will be more likely to recite his good deeds. Unfortunately, politicians might have different opinion. Despite of his great and sometimes controversial break through, he failed to secure respect from fellow comrades and opposite parties. It started as small gestures, which then grew into dangerous flame.
– Democratic Party Loss
If you look into general statement, then Democratic Party as Obama supporter had successfully won the public heart. It was also about Republican admits Democratic’ superior quality. At least, this was the public image. There are more ways to determine whether the party is strong or weak in decision making process.

It refers to the seat in state legislatives and also governor level. You might want to include Congress members as well. Despite being the supporter of recently eligible president, Democratic Party lost thousand of their seats in all levels.

– Being Distant
What was the relation between seat loss and Obama? Apparently, there were a lot of strings between them. As the highest decision maker in the country, Obama should have done better job in mediating Democratic and Republican Party. One option was to divide the legal seat “fairly” between them. It seems like Obama fail in putting a balance. In an online poker games, such poor strategy can result in great loss.

Such compromise cannot be achieved if the President rarely had conversation with both sides. Sadly, Obama chose to put barrier with either his Party or his opposition. It could be seen from his decisions, which were taken before consulting to the legislatives. Of course, his action raged both parties. It was “as if” legislatives had no room in legal discussion.

– Creating More Troubles
The common law in politic is clear; in order to maintain his legacy, President should be able to impress both parties and gain supports. It often means that President was running errands from his party while explaining the benefits for opposition team. When he succeeded, he will have less problem on the implementation.

Since Obama firmly kept his distance from political matters, he put himself on tight position. As he was re-elected, the seats in Congress were taken mostly by Republicans. As the result, many of Obama’s programs were rejected by oppositions.

Even though America opened the opportunity for independent president, it will be hard to win without any party supports. Using this idea, people could assume that president should take care of his party well. It didn’t mean the opposition should be mistreated. On this point, Obama had failed miserably.

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