Obamaphoria – Ever since he was senator demoralizing party of the illionis, during the democratic convention, during the presidential campaign, and after becoming President, from podium to podium, from one microphone to another, from one microphone to another, Obama has continued to spread promises of change and improvement not only for the American people but also for the world. The us people, as well as the world, have high hopes for Obama, even for people in the islamic world. The world be stricken with obamaphoria disease, for some politically literate peoples this phenomenon is nothing more than what is called “wahm” illusion.

Obamaphoria is considered to be a natural thing, considering the world has grown too saturated with the arrogance of U.S. foreign politics over the last eight years led by George walker bush. Many, also islamic figures, hope that the U.S. will change in the hands of this new leader. There are even individuals in this country who say that it can become more friendly with Indonesia, help the Indonesian economy, because Obama has been in this country for a while. Expectations like this are okay, although they tend to be utopian.

Since then, the world society is forced to see significant changes in the world, due to changes in both the us in its domestic policy and the subsequent move of its impressive foreign policies has been very friendly and does not appear to be the world’s ranking police force to have the world’s systems’ unipolar ‘maps where the U.S. is now an epicenter. After all, being a us policy superpower has a huge impact on world conditions. It’s an indisputable fact that Obama has the support of the us zionist lobby. John McCain, too. And Obama during his campaign has repeatedly stated that he will always defend and keep zionist Israel before all time. The United States is great Israel and Israel is a small United States.

Obama’s other appointment is linked to Iraq. In his state address at his inauguration, Obama promised to bring Iraq to a swift end. Obama has promised to withdraw all U.S. forces from Iraq within his 16-month reign. And then with the israeli-palestinian problem solving, Obama also sweeten the deal. Obama expressed his promise in beautiful expressions of peace and coexisted between two countries. In front of that UN general assembly assembly, Obama merely pledged to represent a sovereign Palestinian state. “I’m a firm believer in two-state solutions despite differences,” he says.

Things You Have Missed from Politics in Obama Era

It has been few years since Barrack Obama left the presidency of the United States. However, there are still some people who are talking about the era or the time when Obama used to sit as the President of United States. That is because there are some politics on his era that can be considered as something a bit dark. The main reason is of course because the politics and the policies that he made did not turn to be something that he had expected. That is why those things are considered as the bad politics on his era.

One of those bad policies that he mad was the time when he announced that he had the health care program to help all of the American people to get the proper health care. At the beginning, this thing is becoming a breezy wind for all of the American people who are not able to get the health care that they want. Unfortunately, after two times winning the election, the result of this policy was not turning out to be as many people have expected. That is something what many people called as the white lies.

Another thing is the policies related with the American army power. Many of you will surely have known that America has a great army power, but unfortunately, that thing was not that visible during the presidency of Barrack Obama. Some people will think that solving most of the problems with discussion is the best thing. However, there are some people who think that without showing the power of America to the world, the rest of the world will simply ignore and underestimate the America itself. This one is still in contradiction because there are some people who are against it, but there are some people who agree with it.

Barack Obama attacked Donald Trump: Is that true?

Donald Trump and Barack Obama have been known so well because of their not really good relationship. Even, they often throw shades and criticize each other just like they want to do it for fun. This particular interaction between both of them will commonly make them the center of attention for the people of the United States of America and the world. Then, now when Donald Trump becomes a president of the country, their relation seems to never change if it is not getting worse.

In the recent time, Donald Trumps twitted that he just found out that Obama tapped his telephone line at Tower Trump just few weeks before the elections back in 2016. According to Trump, it was a little bit weird when the government tried to tap someone that will be a president of the country. He added that it might be a big problem that would affect the former president for sure. Then, all of the assumptions made by Donald Trump could definitely make the people think that there was improper competition between the two parties that join the elections that year, Democratic Party and Republican Party.

Barack Obama attacked Donald Trump, Is that true

Fortunately, Kevin Lewis, the spokesperson of Barack Obama gave his fast responses just few hours after Trump posted his twits. Simply, Lewis clarified that all of the assumptions about Obama stated by Trump were totally wrong. He even explained that both of Obama and the White House staffs do not have any right to intervene the investigation held by the Ministry of Justice including the tapping case that happened to Trump. Nevertheless, Lewis never give any further explanations related to the probability of any other investigation, whether the Ministry of Justice will investigate Trump’s campaign team as well or not. In addition to this, the fact is that Trump is the one who attacked Obama more often and aggressively without any exact proofs.

Politics of Barack Obama that Many People Did Not Know

Politics of Barack Obama that Many People Did Not Know

Politic is something cruel and bad. Many people agree with this kind of opinion. Unfortunately, politic is something important that many people have to do, even for the good man such as Barack Obama. Yes, it is not a secret anymore that Barack Obama had helped America to be a better nation during his ten years of dedication as the President of United States. Unfortunately, during all of those ten years, he had to play some of the white lies and a bit of dirty politics that many people might have never realized. If you are curious, here are some of those politics related with the regime of Barack Obama that lasted for ten years or two periods.

The first one is the tapping on some of the American citizen. Many people believe that all of the American people have the same position in term of privacy and also the freedom of speech. Unfortunately, there is a law about this kind of thing that can simply press you to give all of the necessary information that the nation needs even though those information are considered as something quite private for some people or organization. That is one thing that happened to one of the journalist of Fox News named James Rosen. For your information, Rosen was tapped for some times so that all of the information that goes to him were also caught by the nation.

The second one is the sabotage of the money for the healthcare. Almost all of the presidents of United States will focus on this kind of field because healthcare is one thing that many people need. Unfortunately, there were some speeches made by Obama saying that there are some parties who try to sabotage the money for the healthcare in United States. Unfortunately, some years after that, there were rumors saying that Obama chose only the materials that can help him to be elected for the next presidency.

That is because he did not mention about the increasing premium fees for the healthcare during the first years of his regime. Besides all of those things mentioned above, there is actually one more case of politics related with Barack Obama. It happened when he said that the increasing number of job opportunity during the economy crisis in US would help the economy to get better. Unfortunately, that was not happening at all because the economy level remains stagnant even on the crisis time. However, it is one fact that Obama was able to increase the job opportunity for all of the American people.