How Barrack Obama Played Dirty During His Reign

How Barrack Obama Played Dirty During His Reign – Among all US Presidents, there is no doubt that Barrack Obama is one of the most respected figure. He is the talk of the world, establishing rules and taking immediate actions whenever necessary. With all these strong qualities, people could easily miss the grey shadow behind it. Afterall, some people suspect that Obama had abused his power smoothly to enrich their relatives.

– Creating Rare Chances
There are a lot of up and down in business, especially in advanced country like America. Each company should have great strategy to make profits while staying within the law border. For the last part, firm founded by Marry Nesbitt and Harreld Kirkpatrick III played on grey area. Both of them are Obama’s close friends, and they suspiciously went through fast and cheap line of investment.

Did Obama make this rare chance? Many suspected so. However, he did it naturally, as if this action should have been taken years ago. Obama would accuse several strong industries under government’s hand. Most popular example would be University of Phoenix, DeVry University and ITT Technical Institute. Like when you play online poker, this is where you start playing your dirty trick to defeat other players.
They were under investigation after Obama pointed how they manipulated students and trapped these poor souls by lowering grades. Soon enough, Phoenix University were sold with incredibly low price for each share in 2015. It went down up to 90% from its initial price. Luckily, three companies were appointed to buy the share, including the one owned by Marry and Harreld.

  • Secure Deal with China
    Two of Obama’s executives, Joe Biden and John Kerry, were known each other for a long time. For their dedicated works, they have secured their seats in cabinet. These two executives’ job included secret dealing with China. This mutual relationship grew around the time of China aggressive invasion for South China Sea. Instead of giving out polite warning, they seem to let it slide.

The alliance of Biden and Kerry went to their first generation. Biden has a son named Henry, which later built a business with Christoper Heinz, Kerry son. Both were seriously committed into Rosemont Capital, which was under Heinz Family Office.

Barack Obama Played Dirty During His Reign

Considering their position and specialty, these two young businessmen could have any dealers they want. However, they chose to secure the deal with China. Without doubt, it is the one company with close relation to the fathers.

Despite his claim of having the “government with least major controversies”, Obama still owns people explanation for the above shady moves. It took a while to recognize the pattern. Once the flaw was spotted, it will be hard to cover.

The Legacies of Barrack Obama: The Bad Politics

Barrack Obama has been known so well as such a good leader that could bring changes to the United States of America. He is so close to the people no matter what their backgrounds are. Then, that is the main reason why there are so many Americans that really love and support him. However, all of the good things he had done when he was a president of the country cannot make him flawless. There are actually many impactful bad politics that really affect the nation and its people as well. Well, you can find out some of them when you keep reading below.
– The Messy Foreign Politics
Barrack Obama inherited the bad foreign politics which influence the nations so awfully. It can be proven when the United States keeps getting involved in the painful and terrible wars in some Middle East countries such as Afghanistan and Iraq. Actually, he had an option to end the wars if only he could assess the threats from the Islamic State. Unfortunately, he could not handle it well; so that the power of Jihadism appealed and made the wars get worse. Not only that, he also made some decisions that disappointed the allies so badly. It was because the United States did not mean to approach the civil war in Syria. So, it definitely triggered a huge refugee crisis that has been impacting the international politics and causing a global social issue. Additionally, he even insisted an occasional airstrike, which was so wrong.

– The Cyber Threats of Russia
The other Barrack Obama’s mistake caused the higher level cyber threats of Russia. In the other words, Russia has been developing their technology in order to make it able to attack the security system of the US, and also hack so many important data of the government. Even, FBI, Secret Service, and any other intelligent agencies in the US could not fix this sophisticated attack well. In addition, some birds said that Russia has prepared a particular malware that can sabotage the gas and oil pipelines; as well as the water supplies of the country. By doing so, Russia will be able to control the country easily in order to win the conflict with the US that might happen in the future because it can take over all of the essential things of the rival. Thus, it can be a dangerous situation that really pushes the country on the edge if the government does nothing to the issue.

Barack Obama and His Policy

Barack Obama and His Policy – Barack Obama is known as the United States president from 2009 up to 2017. As the first man in the country, the world demand to know more about who Barack Obama is. It is recorded in the history that Obama is the first African American who succeeds to be the leader in the United States. Here is brief information about Barack Obama and his policy during his reign.

– About Barack Obama

the United States president Obama was born on 4 August 1961 in Honolulu. So yes, he was born in Hawaii, a country with all the fun and sunny days with huge numbers of active online gambling players and His father Barack Obama Sr., a Luo Kenyan who was a governmental economist. His mother is Ann Dunham, a white woman born in Kansas. His parents met when both of them attended a class at the University of Hawaii. Obama’s parents were divorced in 1964.

Obama moved to Indonesia with his mother, following his stepfather, and lived in Menteng Dalam, Jakarta. Due to his multiracial background, Obama attends various schools in some countries around the world. Obama graduated from Columbia University and get his BA degree. He was mentioned as a brilliant student since school years but fun as well now.

– His Policy

Barack Obama made some policies during his leadership as the 44th president of the United. His policies cover several fields such as economic, energy, social, and other fields. Soon after Obama was appointed to be the president of the United States, he continues to save the banking and automotive industry.

He is issuing out the American Recovery and Investment Act in 2009. To strengthen the economic sector, Obama started creating consistent job vacancies every month to help the society to get a better life until the end of his term of service in 2017.

Obama also tried to make affordable health care that can be accessed by anyone who needs it. In 2010, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act issued to give health care guarantees and better health treatments for Americans. The policy also covers the energy field. His commitment to seek a solution for energy independence and providing the solution to climate change can be seen through the America Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

Barack Obama is the first African American who succeeds to be the leader in the United States. Barack Obama was born on 4 August 1961 in Honolulu, Hawaii. Obama attends various schools in some countries around the world due to his family background. Barack Obama made some policies during his leadership as the 44th president of the United. His policies cover several fields such as in economic policy, energy policy, social policy, and other fields

Barack Obama: Critics VS Humanity

Successful to be President of The United States of America for two periods makes Barack Obama being one of the most powerful leaders in that Era. After leaving the White House in 2017, Barack Obama got many critics and also got many compliments during his career as the President. During the career as a President, Barack Obama always brings purity of the fresh idea in every decision he made. However, still many critics come for him aftermath.

1. Fight for Humanity
One thing that is really clear in President Barack Obama’s era is humanity that always is one of his focuses. To solve every problem in United States of America, President Barack Obama considering humanity first before moving on to the next decision.

  • Involving Young People
    In order to get fresh idea, President Barack Obama often involving young people from college and listening to their idea. In an interview on 2017, Obama said that,”This idea of purity and you’re never compromised and you’re always politically ‘woke’”. This showed his considerations of involving young people and prioritizing humanity as a President.
  • Avoiding “Cancel” Culture
    In era of social media, young people usually have their own mindset to cancel or follow something easily. This culture is actually not-so-good culture. Because young people don’t really consider the real consequences of every decision they have made except when they are playing at online Sbobet which requires serious consideration and strategies.

Instead of being easy to cancel and follow something, young people should be more careful and criticize their decision before they make it.

Those culture are made by President Barack Obama and it makes he got many compliments about his consideration of humanity and involving young people while listening to their opinion. He even comes to some University to listen and learn from young people.

2. Need to Take Decision Faster
His consideration of humanity and listening to young people actually made some bad effect in his international decision that he should take For some issues, experts said that President Barack Obama have to make decision faster.

  • Libya Regime
    About taking down Muammar Gaddafi in Libyan regime, experts said that Barack Obama have to take the decision of giving sanction to Gaddafi faster. The decision gave big impacts to many aspects both in Libya and also America itself.

While President Obama still wait and considering many things before taking decision about Libya and Gaddafi regime, Libyan and some U.S Governments kept pressing him to make the decision faster.This always be the good and bad side of former President Barack Obama. He got the compliment because he is always considering young people when taking decision, but some of them also said that Obama have to take the decision faster.