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September 2023
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Flynn's Political Setup Comes Back to Haunt Obama

Flynn’s Political Setup Comes Back to Haunt Obama – The case of Michael Flynn in 2017 has new development; it might be a trap designed specifically to remove him from Trump’s administrative staff. Soon after he was accused for lying to FBI about his conversation content with Russia’s leaders, Trump fired him. Three years passed and Flynn is ready to hit the man behind the plot.
– The Opening of It All
US president Donal Trump was the one who fired Flynn after getting caught lying about his discussion with Russian leaders. Three years have passed since that incident and Trump pull up the case to the surface again, as new evidences indicate that Flynn was deliberately trapped by the FBI on Joe Biden’s order.

Trump strongly points that Flynn case is a big flaw in US history and demands for justice. On the other hand, Joe Biden who will face Trump on President Election mentions that Trump is a distraction. Public learns that he cannot handle the pandemic in the US, so he wants something to divert public’s attention.

– What Really Happened
While looking to Flynn case, people cannot ignore the fact that President Obama gave the order to James Comey, the FBI director, to handle Flynn’s case. It seems to be odd now that the Justice Department, generously drops Flynn’s persecution. There must be a bigger reason for this decision, as FBI has been persistent for the last three years.

– An evidence of taped conversation emerged and the transcript indicates that Comey deliberately plan to trap Flynn by deviating from the real situation. There is one phone call between Flynn and Sergey Kislyak, the Russian Ambassador. This is a regular call, like a help line in online betting https://homebet88.online that receive hundred calls per day.

What makes the call different? The FBI agent planned to lead Flynn to make false statement regarding the content of his conversation with Kislyak. It could be seen from the words “get him (Flynn) lie, so we can prosecute him or get him fired”. The plan was executed smoothly and Flynn was soon fired from Trump’s administrative staff.

Just before Obama is about to leave his President seat, a report on Michael Flynn’s case leaked to the public. It soon ends Flynn’s career and put him under close investigation. Now, three years have passed and Flynn comes back with new evidences to proof his innocence.