Barack Obama: The Destructive Leader

When you talk about the war of the United States of America versus the Islamic countries, you will probably think that George W. Bush is the only one that you have to blame. He was the one who started the invasion to the Middle East after the World Trade Center (WTC) building got bombed so awfully in September 11, 2001.

Since then, the war and chaos seems to never stop even until today. Yet, do you realize that the conflict with the Islamic countries has been getting worse and worse even after Bush was no longer a president of the United Stated of America? Well, let’s prove it by reading below.

The Destructive Leader

After the era of George W. Bush, The United States of America had a new leader, Barack Obama. Many people expected that he could be the one that would end the exhausting war. However, it never happened for real because Obama kept making the weird foreign policies which made no significant change to the conflict. In fact, Obama had made the war larger than before by bombing more countries which are like Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan, Somalia, Syria, and Yemen. There are 7 countries that he had attacked while Bush only attacked 4 of them (Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, and Pakistan).

Moreover, there are also some other reports, which are reported by New York Times and an expert from The Brooking Institute, prove that the United States of America has been so much more aggressive during Obama’s era. One of the reports is the air strike in Libya which made Moammar Gadhafi lose his position as a president in the country.

Not only that, there is also a report related to the drone attack to some camps of the militants in the southern area of the Philippines. Thus, if the reports are true, it means that Obama is definitely the most destructive leader of the United States of America.

The Things That American People Hate from Obama

The Things That American People Hate from Obama

There are a lot of people who are in love with Obama, the way he made a lot of decisions. That is because he had made a lot of decisions that finally helped America to be a better nation in the world, especially during the crisis when many people are not sure that America will not be able to reach its glorious stage as it used to be. Unfortunately, even though Obama had been doing a lot of good things for the American people, there are still a lot of people who think that there are some bad things that Obama did in the past.

One thing that many American people will never forget is the Obama care. This kind of health policy is believed to be able to help all of the American people who could not afford the health and medication when they need it. Unfortunately, that is not something that reached the best conclusion such as expected. There are still a lot of problems that this new policy has to deal before finally all of the American people are able to get the health and medication facilities that they need.

Another thing that many of them still remember is the time when he rushed the American army to do the attack in Iraq and Afghanistan. This is not a good thing because many of the American people who idolized Obama thought that he had to think about it more carefully before decided to send the troops to Iraq and Afghanistan. Unfortunately, the thing had happened at and that is something that cannot be rewind. Even though there are not many policies from Obama that are against the feeling of the American people, those two things are more than enough to make some of his fans leave his side, especially when he is joining the next election.

Politics of Barack Obama that Many People Did Not Know

Politics of Barack Obama that Many People Did Not Know

Politic is something cruel and bad. Many people agree with this kind of opinion. Unfortunately, politic is something important that many people have to do, even for the good man such as Barack Obama. Yes, it is not a secret anymore that Barack Obama had helped America to be a better nation during his ten years of dedication as the President of United States. Unfortunately, during all of those ten years, he had to play some of the white lies and a bit of dirty politics that many people might have never realized. If you are curious, here are some of those politics related with the regime of Barack Obama that lasted for ten years or two periods.

The first one is the tapping on some of the American citizen. Many people believe that all of the American people have the same position in term of privacy and also the freedom of speech. Unfortunately, there is a law about this kind of thing that can simply press you to give all of the necessary information that the nation needs even though those information are considered as something quite private for some people or organization. That is one thing that happened to one of the journalist of Fox News named James Rosen. For your information, Rosen was tapped for some times so that all of the information that goes to him were also caught by the nation.

The second one is the sabotage of the money for the healthcare. Almost all of the presidents of United States will focus on this kind of field because healthcare is one thing that many people need. Unfortunately, there were some speeches made by Obama saying that there are some parties who try to sabotage the money for the healthcare in United States. Unfortunately, some years after that, there were rumors saying that Obama chose only the materials that can help him to be elected for the next presidency.

That is because he did not mention about the increasing premium fees for the healthcare during the first years of his regime. Besides all of those things mentioned above, there is actually one more case of politics related with Barack Obama. It happened when he said that the increasing number of job opportunity during the economy crisis in US would help the economy to get better. Unfortunately, that was not happening at all because the economy level remains stagnant even on the crisis time. However, it is one fact that Obama was able to increase the job opportunity for all of the American people.

Fake Economy Development under Barack Obama Government

Barack Obama Government

It is not a secret anymore that on the last two to three years of his dedication as the President f United States, Barack Obama had to deal with one of the worst economy cases in United States. That is one simple reason why he had to take the action to press all of those people to give more works to many other Americans, which is quite good to take. However, there is one strange thing that many people might have not seen about this decision that he took to recover the economy stability of the United States. It is the economy level and growth of the country itself.

It is one real thing that during that economy crisis, Barack Obama pressed some of those suppliers to give more job options for more American. As a matter of fact, the increasing number of job chances in America is increasing even on the same amount that is equal to the ones that they can get in 1999. Unfortunately, that is not something that can simply help the country to recover its economy stability. That is because even though more and more American citizens are able to get the job that they are looking for, it turned out that the economy development is not as good as what they have expected. That is because the economy development during that crisis stuck on the average level of 2.2 percents. For many experts, that number might not be that bad, but on a time when a crisis in economy happens, that number is considered as something small. That is why the regime of Barack Obama needed to be more active in order to increase that percentage level.

Of course, there are some people who say that the step that Barack Obama took as the President of United States at that time is not something bad, a good thing in fact. However, there are more people in who have the thought that increasing the job number is a bit useless if the economy level is not developed properly to help them get out of the crisis. That is because there are still a lot of people who were suffering from the economy condition in United States. For your information, even after few years Barack Obama left the chair of President of United States, the economy development in America is not going as good as many people have hoped for.