The Legacies of Barrack Obama: The Bad Politics

The Legacies of Barrack Obama The Bad Politics

Barrack Obama has been known so well as such a good leader that could bring changes to the United States of America. He is so close to the people no matter what their backgrounds are. Then, that is the main reason why there are so many Americans that really love and support him. However, all of the good things he had done when he was a president of the country cannot make him flawless. There are actually many impactful bad politics that really affect the nation and its people as well. Well, you can find out some of them when you keep reading below.
– The Messy Foreign Politics
Barrack Obama inherited the bad foreign politics which influence the nations so awfully. It can be proven when the United States keeps getting involved in the painful and terrible wars in some Middle East countries such as Afghanistan and Iraq. Actually, he had an option to end the wars if only he could assess the threats from the Islamic State. Unfortunately, he could not handle it well; so that the power of Jihadism appealed and made the wars get worse. Not only that, he also made some decisions that disappointed the allies so badly. It was because the United States did not mean to approach the civil war in Syria. So, it definitely triggered a huge refugee crisis that has been impacting the international politics and causing a global social issue. Additionally, he even insisted an occasional airstrike, which was so wrong.

– The Cyber Threats of Russia
The other Barrack Obama’s mistake caused the higher level cyber threats of Russia. In the other words, Russia has been developing their technology in order to make it able to attack the security system of the US, and also hack so many important data of the government. Even, FBI, Secret Service, and any other intelligent agencies in the US could not fix this sophisticated attack well. In addition, some birds said that Russia has prepared a particular malware that can sabotage the gas and oil pipelines; as well as the water supplies of the country. By doing so, Russia will be able to control the country easily in order to win the conflict with the US that might happen in the future because it can take over all of the essential things of the rival. Thus, it can be a dangerous situation that really pushes the country on the edge if the government does nothing to the issue.

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