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November 2023
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Why Obamacare Fails to Impress Public

Why Obamacare Fails to Impress Public – It is no secret that each president has taken pride of their successful program. In the future, this program will be continued by the next president. Since Obama received lots of spotlights during his reign, what was his program? It was no other than Obamacare. Sadly, this program didn’t pass the bar.

– Ambiguous Rules
For all health insurances, there are several important rules that should be explained well to the members. Some of them are the monthly limit and procedures to claim insurance frauds. Both of them were not included in the first proposal of “Affordable Care Act”. In fact, the decision kept being pushed back by legislatives body.

In February, government mentioned that they were still discussing the minimum and maximum amount of ACA. They mentioned that the process might take a year. In late 2013, they also said that complaint requirement had not been decided yet. Previously, it took 50 complaint letters to force insurance company looked into the matters. In an online games site like , such many complaints can’t happen as they deal with it right away or the site lose the players.

– Opposite Reality
As part of Obamacare campaign, people are excited upon the phrase ‘ if you like your plan, you can keep it”. The “plan” here referred to health insurance plan. Interpreting from the phrase, you cannot blame people when they start to adjust the plan to their incomes and other conditions. Sadly, these “personalized plans” were rejected by insurers. The reason is simple; they didn’t fit Obamacare rules.

Actually, there was one great way to solve this problem. Obama could send the bills to White House. Surprisingly, he didn’t. Upon an urgent press conference, he declared that people would be able to afford their personalized plan, even when it went against ACA rules. This exclusivity would last for a year. Then what would happen after that year?

– Unfamiliar Concept
It turned out that Obamacare is not only problematic from the outside. The internal government bodies were struggling to keep up. Certain clause in Obamacare mentioned that the insurance should be obtained from Health Exchanges. This concept was not familiar, since most health insurances offered by government were funded by tax.

Obamacare also had offer for those workers whose bosses didn’t provide health insurance. They were suggested to take the plan from “Exchange under State observation”. For each workers, government then will put the fine on that business.

In order to make new law, a lot of parties should agree. When president took matters into his plate, the short impact is bigger than its whole preparation. As the result, overall system doesn’t properly settle and cannot be implemented. In the end, the program was not running well.