Bad Politic By Barack Obama: The Press Limitation

Barack Obama, who is the 44th president of the United Stated of America, seems to make a comeback to the politic world. He will be supporting the Democratic Party on the midterm elections that is going to held in November 2018. So then, it is actually no wonder if he gets involved in so many campaigns in the recent time. Then, there are some interesting facts refer to the bad politic by Barack Obama during his speech. So, it will be so nice for you to check them out below.

Once, Barack Obama stated on his speech that both of Republican and Democratic parties will never limit the freedom of the press even though the press spread the information the parties do not really like. Nevertheless, this particular statement is something that Obama did not really do during his era. It can be proven when he used the Espionage Laws 1917 in order to sue more journalists that collected or leaked the essential information to the public. Furthermore, the government in Obama’s era got more than 20 telephone lines and cellphones of the journalists who worked for the Associated Press (AP). This act was actually the part of the investigation in order to reveal the specific information related to Al-Qaeda.

Aside of that, the Department of Justice secretly stalked a journalist from agen named James Rosen during Obama’s era. Moreover, they also tapped his telephone, checked his departures and arrivals records at the Department of Foreign Affairs, got the access to his private email, and many more. All of them were the responses that the government gave when they thought that Rosen had been suspected of publishing some important info to the public. Based on this fact, it is so clear that Obama and his government tried to control the press so that it can do its jobs optimally and properly.

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