Barack Obama attacked Donald Trump: Is that true?

Barack Obama attacked Donald Trump, Is that true

Donald Trump and Barack Obama have been known so well because of their not really good relationship. Even, they often throw shades and criticize each other just like they want to do it for fun. This particular interaction between both of them will commonly make them the center of attention for the people of the United States of America and the world. Then, now when Donald Trump becomes a president of the country, their relation seems to never change if it is not getting worse.

In the recent time, Donald Trumps twitted that he just found out that Obama tapped his telephone line at Tower Trump just few weeks before the elections back in 2016. According to Trump, it was a little bit weird when the government tried to tap someone that will be a president of the country. He added that it might be a big problem that would affect the former president for sure. Then, all of the assumptions made by Donald Trump could definitely make the people think that there was improper competition between the two parties that join the elections that year, Democratic Party and Republican Party.

Fortunately, Kevin Lewis, the spokesperson of Barack Obama gave his fast responses just few hours after Trump posted his twits. Simply, Lewis clarified that all of the assumptions about Obama stated by Trump were totally wrong. He even explained that both of Obama and the White House staffs do not have any right to intervene the investigation held by the Ministry of Justice including the tapping case that happened to Trump. Nevertheless, Lewis never give any further explanations related to the probability of any other investigation, whether the Ministry of Justice will investigate Trump’s campaign team as well or not. In addition to this, the fact is that Trump is the one who attacked Obama more often and aggressively without any exact proofs.

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