Barack Obama: Critics VS Humanity

Barack Obama, Critics VS Humanity

Successful to be President of The United States of America for two periods makes Barack Obama being one of the most powerful leaders in that Era. After leaving the White House in 2017, Barack Obama got many critics and also got many compliments during his career as the President. During the career as a President, Barack Obama always brings purity of the fresh idea in every decision he made. However, still many critics come for him aftermath.

1. Fight for Humanity
One thing that is really clear in President Barack Obama’s era is humanity that always is one of his focuses. To solve every problem in United States of America, President Barack Obama considering humanity first before moving on to the next decision.

  • Involving Young People
    In order to get fresh idea, President Barack Obama often involving young people from college and listening to their idea. In an interview on 2017, Obama said that,”This idea of purity and you’re never compromised and you’re always politically ‘woke’”. This showed his considerations of involving young people and prioritizing humanity as a President.
  • Avoiding “Cancel” Culture
    In era of social media, young people usually have their own mindset to cancel or follow something easily. This culture is actually not-so-good culture. Because young people don’t really consider the real consequences of every decision they have made except when they are playing at online Sbobet which requires serious consideration and strategies.

Instead of being easy to cancel and follow something, young people should be more careful and criticize their decision before they make it.

Those culture are made by President Barack Obama and it makes he got many compliments about his consideration of humanity and involving young people while listening to their opinion. He even comes to some University to listen and learn from young people.

2. Need to Take Decision Faster
His consideration of humanity and listening to young people actually made some bad effect in his international decision that he should take For some issues, experts said that President Barack Obama have to make decision faster.

  • Libya Regime
    About taking down Muammar Gaddafi in Libyan regime, experts said that Barack Obama have to take the decision of giving sanction to Gaddafi faster. The decision gave big impacts to many aspects both in Libya and also America itself.

While President Obama still wait and considering many things before taking decision about Libya and Gaddafi regime, Libyan and some U.S Governments kept pressing him to make the decision faster.This always be the good and bad side of former President Barack Obama. He got the compliment because he is always considering young people when taking decision, but some of them also said that Obama have to take the decision faster.

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