Trump’s Claim On Obama’s Biggest Political Crime In US History

Trump's Claim On Obama's Biggest Political Crime In US History

Trump’s Claim On Obama’s Biggest Political Crime In US History – As the president election period is coming closer, current US President Donald Trump accuses the previous presidents and his soon-to-be competitor Barrack Obama of scheming plans against him. This accusation brings along Flynn’s name, who was the national security advisor for Trump winning team. What is the real story and how each side responds to Trump’s claims?
– The “Biggest Political Crime In US History”
Those who follow Donal Trump on Twitter will be familiar with the term “Obamagate” and how he claims to find “greatest political scam”. These two terms are coined by Trump himself after he gets strong evidence that Joe Biden, his future challenger for Presidential Election, and Obama have a plot to put him down.

He strongly suggests that such crime should not be forgiven and the perpetrator should be jailed. Using the evidences as his strongest weapon, Trump explains that Obamagate refers to sabotage plot against him. It is believed that the previous officials in Obama reign want to interfere with the administrative seat.

Trump also took part on the plot when he fired his national security adviser, Michael Flynn. Without the evil plot, Flynn should have been staying in the senate. Unfortunately, his lies to Trumps vice president and the FBI charges put him in a tight situation.

– Cold Words War Attacks
So far, there is no official statement made by Obama yet about Trump’s accusation towards his involvement in Flynn’s case. However, public sees the cold war of words between these two at least within the last month. The statement could be found in social media, as public could access latest information including the promotion for online slots
Obama statement in April is directed to Trump’s failure in handling corona virus pandemic in US. He takes this condition as the consequences of denial and asks public to demand better from the government. In respond to Obama, Trump mentions that the previous government leaves nothing to develop standard vaccine.

In political campaigns, the candidates are expected to present their strengths and future plans of the country. President Donald Trump changes the trick to exposing his opponent’s criminal records. He digs deep into the matter and eager to show the proofs to the public. This debate wont end soon and public could take their side.

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