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September 2023
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Sending U.S Ground Troops, Obama Raises Diplomatic Pressure on Libyan Government – After seeing several conditions in Libya, Barack Obama finally sent U.S Troops to Libya on February 2011. This is one of the commitments of Barack Obama to protect the humanity. Even the protestors in Libya had already sent their thoughts and opinion to Government, but Colonel Ghaddafi stands still and not giving any solution to the protestors. In other words, political condition in Libya kept getting worse and U.S Government finally took quick steps to solve problems in Gaddafi regime.

Madman for 42 Years
Before U.S Government taking big step to help Libya took down regime of Gaddafi, Libyan Deputy Ambassador, Ibrahim Dabbashi told that Gaddafi has been a madman in Libyan history for 42 years. This made Libyan protesters finally taking a big step to take down this regime. Of course, these people are committed to take some actions now.

  • Die in Tripoli
    Before starting protests, Ibrahim Dabbashi has already warned Gaddafi that there might be thousands of people will die in Tripoli if Gaddafi does not want to take any real action to prevent it.
  • Come Under Heavy Gunfire
    Instead of giving any peace offering or another solution to calm down te protesters, Gaddafi welcomed the protestors with Gunfire rain in Tripoli.
  • Seeking Gaddafi after Friday Prayers
    After reports about the gunfire appear in Public, either U.S Government and United Nations decided to give sanction to Muammar Gaddafi. They even emerged Gaddafi from Mosque after he did Friday Prayer.
    Cut Off Military Potential
    As a big step to solve the problem, President Barack Obama decided to cut off all potential military based for Libya. This happens because U.S Government have to take several actions in order to monitor what happen next in Libya against Muammar Gaddafi.
  • Lose Confident
    As the result of losing several military potential from U.S, Gaddafi starting to lose his confident in front of people. The people also lose their trust to Gaddafi, and nothing to do with their Government’s legitimacy.
  • Critic for Obama
    Even after taking several action to monitor what is happening in Libya, critics still come for President Barack Obama while some people believe that Obama should take faster actions to solve problems in Libya.

After evacuated people from Country, U.S still announce the sanction for Gaddafi. The people carried byU’S boat before sanction to Gaddafi announced. This action finally make President Barack Obama got some critics related to crisis in Libya while some others agree with decision from President Barack Obama and never consider this decision as a cruelty of Barack Obama.