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September 2023
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The Impacts of Barrack Obama’s Politics

The Impacts of Barrack Obama’s Politics – Barrack Obama can be defined as one of the most notable presidents that the United States of America history. He could make the people believe that the nation would be better under his leadership by approaching and embracing the people with various backgrounds. Based on this particular fact, it is no wonder that Obama gets so much support and love from his people. Nevertheless, he actually had some bad political strategies that really give the not good enough impacts to both of the nation and the people. So, in case you really want to find out what those impacts are, you can figure them out below.
– How the Global Warming Policies Failed
Barrack Obama seemed to have a hesitation when he wanted to overcome the huge complex issues of global warming and the environment. In the other words, everybody in the country knew that he put global warming at the top of his agenda, but he could not choose the right way to fix the problem as well as possible. It was like he just did not know what he had to do or pretended to be ignorant about the issue. It was because he kept presiding over an Environmental Protection Agency which refused to revise the permitting rules in order to let the low carbon emission plants replace the outdated coal facilities. In addition, Obama also defended the enormous overregulation under the Clean Air Act and the Clean Water Act. Not only that, his international protocols could easily create domestic displacement without getting any environmental benefits.

– The Disappointing Foreign Policies
Foreign affairs policies could make the United States of America in the worse and more dangerous situation when Barrack Obama took the office. He kept pushing the countries in the Middle East area, which are like Afghanistan, Iraq, and Iran, by committing military attacks. Besides, the issue appealed in Syria caused the terrible migration crisis not only in Europe but all over the world. This particular thing actually really disappointed the allies of the country. So then, it would create the global conspiracies, transient alliances, and political instability that could make everything so much worse than what had happened in the past. In addition to this, ISIS has set up multiple permanent bases throughout the Middle East while the refugee issue had not finished yet. Thus, all of the people have to be ready because they might do the more impactful terrorist activities once those reached the United States.