The Threats of Freedom in Barack Obama Regime

The Threats of Freedom in Barack Obama Regime

Many people agree that Barack Obama is one of the best Presidents of United States because of many reasons. However, even though he was considered as one of the best Presidents of United States, there are some things that can be considered as the mistake that he made so that people call him as a white liar. For your information, the freedom to speech is one thing that you can have in United States. Unfortunately, there is one problem related with this kind of thing when he used to be the President of United States. All of the things started when he had a speech in Illinois saying that he never gives any kind of threat to any media in United States.

Many people in United States agree that the act that Trump took is a bit out of the way because he had to press the acts of the press when he gets the position as the President of United States. However, there are not many people who have known that Obama did the similar thing. That is because he used the Espionage Act that America has since 1917 to give some of the details and specific information to the country.

That is because there were some news media and organization that were forced a bit to release some of the classified information that they have because of the reason as one way to help the nation. This kind of information was finally released to the public when there are quite a lot of recordings that were taken in 2013 showing this kind of thing.

One of those things that many people will never miss might be the case of tapping of the journalist from Fox News. The name is James Rosen, one of the journalists from Fox News that was fully tapped by the government under the administration of Barack Obama.

For your information, it turned out that this kind of thing has been done for some times so that many of the information gathered by James Rosen were also taken by the government under Barack Obama administration. That is one sure thing that made people down because many people consider that Barack Obama is one of those men that will fully support the freedom of speech as well as the privacy of all of the people in America. However, it seemed like not all of those things about Barack Obama are fully true.