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Februari 2023
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The Destructive Leader

When you talk about the war of the United States of America versus the Islamic countries, you will probably think that George W. Bush is the only one that you have to blame. He was the one who started the invasion to the Middle East after the World Trade Center (WTC) building got bombed so awfully in September 11, 2001.

Since then, the war and chaos seems to never stop even until today. Yet, do you realize that the conflict with the Islamic countries has been getting worse and worse even after Bush was no longer a president of the United Stated of America? Well, let’s prove it by reading below.

The Destructive Leader

After the era of George W. Bush, The United States of America had a new leader, Barack Obama. Many people expected that he could be the one that would end the exhausting war. However, it never happened for real because Obama kept making the weird foreign policies which made no significant change to the conflict. In fact, Obama had made the war larger than before by bombing more countries which are like Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan, Somalia, Syria, and Yemen. There are 7 countries that he had attacked while Bush only attacked 4 of them (Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, and Pakistan).

Moreover, there are also some other reports, which are reported by New York Times and an expert from The Brooking Institute, prove that the United States of America has been so much more aggressive during Obama’s era. One of the reports is the air strike in Libya which made Moammar Gadhafi lose his position as a president in the country.

Not only that, there is also a report related to the drone attack to some camps of the militants in the southern area of the Philippines. Thus, if the reports are true, it means that Obama is definitely the most destructive leader of the United States of America.