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Februari 2023
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The Things That American People Hate from Obama

There are a lot of people who are in love with Obama, the way he made a lot of decisions. That is because he had made a lot of decisions that finally helped America to be a better nation in the world, especially during the crisis when many people are not sure that America will not be able to reach its glorious stage as it used to be. Unfortunately, even though Obama had been doing a lot of good things for the American people, there are still a lot of people who think that there are some bad things that Obama did in the past.

One thing that many American people will never forget is the Obama care. This kind of health policy is believed to be able to help all of the American people who could not afford the health and medication when they need it. Unfortunately, that is not something that reached the best conclusion such as expected. There are still a lot of problems that this new policy has to deal before finally all of the American people are able to get the health and medication facilities that they need.

Another thing that many of them still remember is the time when he rushed the American army to do the attack in Iraq and Afghanistan. This is not a good thing because many of the American people who idolized Obama thought that he had to think about it more carefully before decided to send the troops to Iraq and Afghanistan. Unfortunately, the thing had happened at and that is something that cannot be rewind. Even though there are not many policies from Obama that are against the feeling of the American people, those two things are more than enough to make some of his fans leave his side, especially when he is joining the next election.