It has been few years since Barrack Obama left the presidency of the United States. However, there are still some people who are talking about the era or the time when Obama used to sit as the President of United States. That is because there are some politics on his era that can be considered as something a bit dark. The main reason is of course because the politics and the policies that he made did not turn to be something that he had expected. That is why those things are considered as the bad politics on his era.

One of those bad policies that he mad was the time when he announced that he had the health care program to help all of the American people to get the proper health care. At the beginning, this thing is becoming a breezy wind for all of the American people who are not able to get the health care that they want. Unfortunately, after two times winning the election, the result of this policy was not turning out to be as many people have expected. That is something what many people called as the white lies.

Another thing is the policies related with the American army power. Many of you will surely have known that America has a great army power, but unfortunately, that thing was not that visible during the presidency of Barrack Obama. Some people will think that solving most of the problems with discussion is the best thing. However, there are some people who think that without showing the power of America to the world, the rest of the world will simply ignore and underestimate the America itself. This one is still in contradiction because there are some people who are against it, but there are some people who agree with it.