Barrack Obama had the presidency for the last two periods, before he was finally replaced by Donald Trump. As one of the presidents of United States, Obama can be considered as one of the favorite of the United States citizen. That can be seen from the result of the election when he won the presidency for the second time. After few years leaving the position, it seems that Obama is thinking about getting back to that position. That is because he personally said his opinion about the president. That is one signal that many people believed that Barrack Obama will try to join the next election in the next few years.

Even though Barrack Obama was one of the best presidents of United States, you cannot simply ignore the fact that Barrack Obama had done something that can be considered as the white lies during his eight years of dedication to the United States. Yes, it is not a secret anymore that even though Obama is one of the best presidents that united states have ever had, there are still some white lies that he had done during his own regime for eight years.

You need to understand that the white lies can be considered as something quite rational to do, especially if the main purpose is to keep the safety of all of the people in America. However, for some people, this is one point that they will fully consider when Obama is going for the next election. According the white lies can be a real boomerang that can strike you back. That is why even though Barrack Obama has given his signal to join the next election, there is no guarantee that he will win the next election that easy because of the things that had happened in the past.