Unfortunate Decisions in Obama Era

Unfortunate Decisions in Obama Era

Unfortunate Decisions in Obama Era – When citizen heard the name “Obama”, many of them will be more likely to recite his good deeds. Unfortunately, politicians might have different opinion. Despite of his great and sometimes controversial break through, he failed to secure respect from fellow comrades and opposite parties. It started as small gestures, which then grew into dangerous flame.
– Democratic Party Loss
If you look into general statement, then Democratic Party as Obama supporter had successfully won the public heart. It was also about Republican admits Democratic’ superior quality. At least, this was the public image. There are more ways to determine whether the party is strong or weak in decision making process.

It refers to the seat in state legislatives and also governor level. You might want to include Congress members as well. Despite being the supporter of recently eligible president, Democratic Party lost thousand of their seats in all levels.

– Being Distant
What was the relation between seat loss and Obama? Apparently, there were a lot of strings between them. As the highest decision maker in the country, Obama should have done better job in mediating Democratic and Republican Party. One option was to divide the legal seat “fairly” between them. It seems like Obama fail in putting a balance. In an online poker games, such poor strategy can result in great loss.

Such compromise cannot be achieved if the President rarely had conversation with both sides. Sadly, Obama chose to put barrier with either his Party or his opposition. It could be seen from his decisions, which were taken before consulting to the legislatives. Of course, his action raged both parties. It was “as if” legislatives had no room in legal discussion.

– Creating More Troubles
The common law in politic is clear; in order to maintain his legacy, President should be able to impress both parties and gain supports. It often means that President was running errands from his party while explaining the benefits for opposition team. When he succeeded, he will have less problem on the implementation.

Since Obama firmly kept his distance from political matters, he put himself on tight position. As he was re-elected, the seats in Congress were taken mostly by Republicans. As the result, many of Obama’s programs were rejected by oppositions.

Even though America opened the opportunity for independent president, it will be hard to win without any party supports. Using this idea, people could assume that president should take care of his party well. It didn’t mean the opposition should be mistreated. On this point, Obama had failed miserably.