Foreign Donors for Obama’s Second Period

Foreign Donors for Obama's Second Period

Foreign Donors for Obama’s Second Period – Foreign donors are forbidden under the United States election law. The us federal election commission finds that a mediator has helped a Saudi businessman contribute to the inaugural celebrate of the second period of U.S. President barack Obama in 2012. Other presidential candidates are also secretly getting injections of funding from foreign donors, without knowing it. When U.S.

President barack Obama was elected for the second period of 2012, a Saudi typist and his business associates sent hundreds of thousands of dollars to help pay for inaugural celebrations and get a photo with Obama, according to court documents and analysis of campaign financial records by the Associated Press. The United States election law has forbidden foreign citizens to make such political contributions. But the donation that sheikh Mohammed al rahbani was attempting to send to the Obama installation committee was distributed through an experienced broker, according to ap records and analysis.

The broker, imaad zubere, has agreed in October 2019 to plead guilty to carrying out illegal campaign contributions to several American political candidates on behalf of foreign citizens. He will also plead guilty to hiding his work as a foreign agent when he lobbied high officials of the us government. The prosecution by U.S. attorneys in Los Angeles is the latest fact in a series of cases that highlights the influx of foreign money that is prohibited in American politics, and the campaign’s approach is often lax in checking funding contributions. Zuberry an upperclass fund raiser and venture capitalist investor had raised millions of dollars for Democrats and republicans over the years. The prosecutor said that he had been working on behalf of some stranger, not just rahbani.

Foreign Donors for Obama's Second Period

Rahbani, in the last few interviews, has spoken of his support for Obama. He posted a picture of himself and his wife on his website standing with Obama, former U.S. vice President Joe biden, and their partner at the inaugural event in 2013. The site was deleted shortly after zuberi’s guilt plea was announced. The prosecutor said that sjeumus $100,000 from the rahbani company intended for its inaugural committee has been designated for “a photo opportunity.” It was not uncommon for political funds to offer a photo session with candidates in exchange for donations, and such a practice was clearly legal, even though a foreign national donation ban would remain in force. Zuberry tried to make rahbani and one of his business associates donate more money.